once upon a time, two men went for a competition in whch they where to carry a log of wood in form of a cross which was very heavy, i mean very heavy.
During the competition, at first each man carried this cross with all the strenght in him and getting weary but still tried to continue with the aim of winning the competition.
But after a while one of the two men chop off some part of the cross to lessen the weight,therefore he was able to move faster than the other man and was even able to display some acrobatics to the bewildment of the spectators,while the other man struggled on to carry his cross with pains and jeers coming from the spectators while some haul abusive words at him that he was lazy,yet he kept on moving,not minding the people.
Atlast the man who chop off some part of the wood got to a river where he saw the head of the competition,he was asked to wait for the other man as they where to cross the river together,the second man came minutes later panting heavily.
Then the organizer of the competition ask each man to drop the cross on the river as they were going to use it to cross to the other side. The man who chop off his cross drop his and it sank into the river as it was light,the other man drop his and it stayed ön the river and he cross to the other side claiming the glory.
The end…

no matter what you are going through don’t cut corners as you will fail in the end,even when people praise you for doing it.. Bear your cross,fight to gain the prize..


*** Hand of fate***(continuation)

**The birth of Babatunde**

ojedeji rushed towards the village feigning tears but within him he was more than glad.but he seems to have forgetten that a man who rejoices in the death of another man who also die sooner or later,it was a matter of time.

Back in the village of tanimola,ajoke was worried about her husband not arriving on time as it was time for nature to take it cause,the baby was coming,she was down with pain but miraculous the mid wife came to pay her visit and quickly set when she saw that ajoke was already in child labour.
Atlast the baby came out,the mid wife beam with smiles written all over her face,it is a baby boy she said,ajoke could only smiled back. One thing was odd about the baby,it didn’t cry as was expected of everychild,the mid wife had to tap the baby to be certain it was not a dead child ,as if that was too much for it to bear,the baby bursted out crying then ojedeji walked in announcing the death of the father to be immediately,ajoke was shocked to the marrow she didn’t want to believe,in the scuffle that ensured she fainted only to be revived by the mid wife.the mid wife cast a wicked look at ojedeji who was putting on a maniac løok, you are no man at all,is that how to break such a news at this moment,she said. She later dragged him out side,how did it happen she asked only for ojedeji to give a cock and bull story,the mid wife wailed leaving ojedeji to cönsole ajoke.

seven days later the child was named Babatunde(father has returned).month after month,year after year,babatunde grew up to begin schøol.. To be contd

***The Hand Of Fate***

hunter *This story is the brain child of the above writer with the online name as olu-da-poet therefore no one is given the permission to tamper with this material in any form without due consent from the writer.the story is pure fiction.contact:olu200016@yahoo.com***

The tears of the child came after being tapped by the mid wife when he refuse to cry then ojedeji walked in to announce the death of the father to be…. Fate..

Chapter one- The death of ogunlade..

It was a cold morning in the village of Tanimola(who knows tommorow) partly due to the mountains surrounded by it and the last night rain.
ogundeji lay on a bamboo bed with his wife ajoke,the room containing different skeletons of dead animals on the wall ranging from the tusk of an elephant to the horn of an antelope,and different charms.
The first cock crowed and ogunlade sprang up from the bed waking his pregnant wife ajoke in the proccess, where are you off to olowo ori mi(my crown) she asked in a gently manner,ogunlade smiled tenderly towards her and remembered when he did first married 2years ago she was stil as pretty as ever.i want to go and check my trap if it has caught any prey ogunlade said putting on his cloth.ajoke made some purile face not wanting him to go.he saw this and patted her saying it was going to be ok and left.

ogunlade stampede into the forest with bravery even after losing an eye to a mysterious being in the few months ago,he still went on into the forest fealessly. He was about checking his second trap when gboom! He was shot at,he tried reciting some chant but it was of no use,his powers failed him alas he fell to the ground a dead man.his bravery,powers and might all gone through a single bullet even the forest stood still to pay it last homage to the fallen hero who had hunted in it for years. Ojedeji walked out of his hiding place dancing and singing. stand up come and do as you use to do,i knew you would come and lets see how you will fight over the land bastard he said to relics of ogunlade. Ojedeji had killed a friend over a parcel of land.ojedeji suddenly changed his mood feigning tears rushing towards the village..

( if ogunlade had known it was going to be the last time he would set eyes on his wife and he wouldn’t be able to father his child,he would have stayed behind or would have gone prepared but life doesn’t give a second chance.the die was cast.) to be contd

Goodbye To January

The first month of the year,
A new phase of a new year,
I remembered alot of bubbles and celebration renting the air at the start of this
I remembered every living torsoes promising heaven and earth to carry out their new year resolution.
After the jubilations of
seeing a new year,i remembered everyone being garrulous about the austere times in january.
Everyone trying to be as frugal as possible. Being extravangant at that period was seen as a curse, frugality was the order of the day.
Everyone gave a purile cry of the harsh moments.
Finally January is over. But don’t be too fast to bid january farewell, put your yet to attain resolutions into consideration. You can still meet up with everything.
Be thou as it may,as we all join to bid a goodbye to january,may February be more prosperous to everyone…

Goodbye to january====>Welcome to February

Nothing But Something…. By Agbaakin jeremiah oluwatoyosi

Have you ever thought about
this world,others,you and your
destiny?The fact is that the
world is far too large,yet too
small to study.The universe was
carved out of nothing,yet it became something.This mystery
defies the scientific law of
matter which states that
matter can never be created
nor destroyed but be changed
from one form’something’to another.The enigmatic nature of
the earth deviates from this
universally-accepted law.It
outwits the human sense of
reasoning.The earth was
created out of nothing by somebody.Now,this is the
irony.God is light,yet in his
fiats,there is recognition and
reckon with the dark.Hence,he
made dark hours and called
them nights. This mystery plays a pivotal role
in the destiny of the human
race.Once a man could take this
world as something but nothing
and as nothing but something,he
could become the world’s greatest conqueror.Something is
the opposite of Nothing,as light
to dark.Then this means that
until man is able treat the day
like the night and vice-versa,he
is not a balanced specimen.God created Eve,the opposite
sex,why?To pronounce
balance.He put the forbidden
fruit which occupies a negative
capacity amidst other good
fruits.Man as a rational being is God’s most favoured sculptor.He
was bequeathed with vast
abilities ranging from mental
reasoning to physical exertions
that make life bearable for his
continual existence. Perhaps,if God had made only
the light,boredom might strangle
man’s sense of appreciation or
in the spiritual realm alter an
unknown process.The best way
to preserve a life is to destroy it.How ironical this sounds,yet it
bears a paradoxical
impression.This is because the
earth was created for the
primary assignment of nuturing
man spiritually for a world to come.Perhas God wanted Adam
and Eve to bring forth
immaculate generations who are
qualified,dignified and bred for
this purpose.Or better still,he
wanted them to oversee a herd of lower creatures.Whatever
way,God knew man’s inhabitation
of the Eden will cease.But he
was scared it could be in a
negative way rather than a
positive one.Unfortunately,it was through a negative medium as
this man’s cessation to Eden’s
occupancy was engineered by
Prince of Dark…Now,the logic is
that God’s mission has been
destabilized,yet fulfilled.God’s spirit in the pre-creation era
sailed over the waters,not just
for that sake but for what
purpose?To purify it.Why did He
need to purify what he
created’that which is clean’.In one extreme,it means God’s
creation was fraught with
ineptitude on his own part or an
external force was undermining!
We only heard that God’s spirit
moved over the waters and not the earth and its content,its
endowment and pride.We must
not forget that man was made
out of the dust’earth’He could
have simply implanted the
breath of life into his man’s ‘lifeless’ model with the words he
used to create life.But,he opted
to do this physically by jetting
the breath’the soul’ into
man.Then we can arrive that
even before God breathed life into man,he had been a living
creature but soiled and defiled
with the earth’s medieval
filthiness.We can then say that
God breathed into man to install
a replica of His spirit…to install the Soul that can be subject to
God’s tutelage since the earth ‘s
and man’s flesh leverage is
susceptible to Satan’s threat!
Now back to my first
There is two opposing forces in
It is quite prophetic that people
say’when i was nothing”thank
God am something’BLA BLA BLA.The philosophy there is that
the man’s body houses two
opposing forces that must be
brought to a mutual
interdependence,yet they must
be divorced.That is the basis of man’s turmoil in this world.Life’s
,death,sickness etc are never
what they seem to be,but are
what they are meant to
be,which is success.Likewise joy,happiness,fecundity,jocundity
and other ‘GOOD’things are
never what they are in the
human’s perspective,they are
meant to be the opposite.There is only one failure in life and
that failure is cessation from
the law of’Survival of the
fittest’Man’s challeging quest
starts from the womb.The man’s
scrotum produces over a million sperm cells during sex. The
spermatozoon struggle to get
fertilized in their great
numbers,yet only the fittest get
fertilized.The human is the most
complex species to study.He has nutritive and spiritual values
and taste that needs a
continual balance.This is
examplified in the biological
activities of his body where
homeostasis,osmoregulation, nervous coordination and others
preserve man.This activity is
more tense in his psycological
You are the best creation made
by God,yet you are the least.This means when man is at
the peak of success in life,he
should consider the fact that
even without success,he’s been
a rational outfit and even when
he’s poor,he will never cease being SOMETHING!!

LIFE…. An Inspirational Write Up

It looks like its all going to be over very soon, but when it will, I do not know…….

So many things keep happening, some we do understand but others are beyond our reasoning.
For they are metaphysical and can only be controlled by the SUPREME BEING……..

Life is full of test, where after passing through it and you are victorious over it,
you do not wish for it to stop as soon as it started but this can never, I mean never possible….
But if on the other way round life had a glorious victory over you, here is a down to earth fact, you are going to lavish in suffering and anguish except if God in His infinite mercy looks into your situation…..

Now to the main topic LIFE!!! Before you can know how conquer it, ask yourself these questions:
What is life about?
What is my purpose in it?
What difficulties am I to expect from it?
What are the solutions I can proffer to it?
Now let us take it one after the other…

What is life about: life has diverse meaning to different people, but simply put, Life is an exile to which we humans are sentence to, to face challenges and prove ourselves worthy…. life is about a lot of things. life holds great prospect to whoever can see it and also great sufferings to whoever is blind not with the physical eyes but who is blind in heart. Life holds great challenges for us all, to which we must solve before we can be victorious.

What is my purpose in it: let me make it known to you at this point that there is no one on earth without one purpose or the other to fulfill, it is either evil or good, to know your purpose, you have to use the search light to see within you. what ever you find build on it and you are on your way to stardom, but make sure it is something of immense benefit to the world. you are in this world to make something happen.

What difficulties am I to expect in life: friend life itself is difficulty. did I scare you? didn’t mean to, but if you don’t know what is in stock for you and how to go about it then life is a difficult task, apart from this, life holds all difficulties which stand as barricades on our way, it is Stage-By-Stage process, the higher you go the mightier the task until you get to the pinnacle of glory, which is the final lap.. so when life brings it difficult task kindly embrace it with smiles and face it

What are the solutins I can proffer to it: this is where a lot of things go amiss for some people.

1. Believe in yourself that you are able and ready for the task ahead.
2. Apply Wisdom to what so ever you do.
3. Do not hasten to solve a problem, take it at your stride, and by pace by pace.
4. Know you are not the only one going through such a problem there are others going through colossal ones far
greater than yours, yet they live to find solutions to it.
5. Learn from experience.
6. Seek advice from people…..etc

finally prepare your mind a lot is in stock for you but it is going to be ok… A race to the very end.,

The cry of a wounded lion

Crying like a wailing child,
whose mother just spanked,
I fumbled and rumbled at little words spoken to me.

my heart ache at the pain,
I’m being made to go through by my fellow brothers,
they make me look inferior despite all the help I rendered to them in the past years,
when I still held sway in all ramifications,
but now that I have gone infamous due to the reckless act of my offspring,
they seek to pay my good with bad.

They became hostile to my offspring,
who had learned to live with them,
Now all’they do is send my offspring back to me,
after they deprive them of their hard earned property.

I vow to repay them in their coins,
in as much as i want,
my submission to the power that be wouldn’t let me,
I can’t carry it out because my offspring had dried me up,
leaving me to dine and wine with poverty.

I ve gone low than my brothers,
who bow at my feet in the past,
today they lord over me,
This is my cry……….
who will hear my wane to aid me……
my children have gone wild to be of help……
my brothers turn their back at me,
even as I cry till this moment,
seeking the day my flood of tears would be dried before its too late,
till then I will keep on crying and wailing…….

( The End)
by Olumide…olu200016@yahoo.com

The beast represent Nigeria ,
The brothers represents other African countries,
The offspring are Nigerians,
The power that be are the European countries..

This poem shows the discrimination,
Nigeria is going through even in the hands of her brothers,
even after the help we rendered to them in the past years,
now all they do is treat us as though we are not human.
Even Nigerians fail to make amendment to the problems of Nigeria……

Now is the time to redeem our lost glory..

God bless.

New year letter…

2013 came to an immediate end on the 31st of december, exactly by 12:00am,
never to be seen again atleast by this generation..

Today 1st of january 2014 brought new lime light into the world,
here we begin again even after stating new revolution or plan which ever you call it,
of which we all plan to implement but usually come to an abrupt end before the quarter of the year,
partly due to lack of focus and determination on our parts and sometimes circumstances beyond our control.

Here is the much awaited 2014, time to step up in whatever we are doing and welcome new and tasking challenges.

I pray we all have all a successful year.. HAPPY NEW YEAR and GOD BLESS…

I remain Olumide lekan

BATTLE SCARS. By Agbaakin jeremiah

Echoes from the realm of
inexorcisable death Grumbly voices A yearn for a second chance To taste the nectar of the
mundane world again The aftermaths of battle are
sibyline and sudden upon us The cheerful voices of the
market women are now griefs
of the captured combatants Who ponder everyday when
their clan they shall once see Blood! Bones! Rags of desecrated flesh-The
temple of God? Litter our milleau Genocide has violated our
paradise In the closet of our house we
gather to mourn The death of our brothers and
the exile of peace From our land. In those thirty melancholic
months We run helter skelter A war births the beginning of
the others Like a fertile spyrogyra Behold!The war is no more with
us But the daughters of its binary
fission Have declared their insurgency
on us They deepen our fatal wounds Wound heals Only if the scars can vanish
away As the vulture flees the icy land
for the scavengial desert Wound heals But the scars left behind are
statutes of reminiscence.

The Path To Cross Road of No return

After Our Various Experience On
Earth,We Get To A Path That
Cut Across A Road Of No Return,
Where It Seems To Be A Final
Destination For All, A Lot Of
People Get To This Cross Road,But Only Few Live To Tell D
Story Only To Start A New Path
Which Will Eventually Lead To
This Road…Cont below Jun 13 Unlike · Comment · Edit Privacy · Edit · Delete You like this. Olumide Amiable Lekan The Road Is Inevitable for all
Human,It Is Our Achilles Heels
Because We Are Mortals…Belie ve It Or Not You Will Get To Your
Path To A Cross Road Of No