A day at school

Time: 9:00am
Datep: 5th of December,2013

Waking up as early as 6:00am to prepare for the days’ lectures,which was presumed to start by 9am.
I sprang up from my bed and rushed towards the bathroom.i quickly did my thing and ran out the way i came in to my room,i applied all did things i ought to applied,did a little reading.

It was 7:30am,i stampede from my hall to begin the long trek to the campus,don’t blame me for not boarding a bus because i was damn broke and i was used to trekking so to me it was nothing..what do you think?

I managed to get to campus in good time,hailed some friends at the school gate,after which i gallantly strode to my class only to meet a shocker,the lecturer was already in the class doing his job.i took the back door to avoid any provocative remark from the lecturer.

Hardly had i sat down when the lecturer pointed at me,i knew i was done for,but i stood up all the same to await whatever he wanted to ask.”what is management?” the lecturer blurted out,i look around to be sure he was talking to me, yes i am waiting he retorted, i quickly made use of my thinking cap,i was not going to let this lecturer make a fool of me,so i started thus, “management is the process of coordinating,controlling and assessing of human and finacial activities to acheive result.” the lecturer smiled and continued his work.i sat down confidently.
3hrs later,the unexpected happen,i mistakenly hissed at a sleeping friend,the lecturer thought i did it to him, guess i pleaded for the next 5hrs

it was such a day.eh after everything.. Read and re read.. Lolz


End of life

looking beyond,i saw the havoc at hand, i felt the pain, falling and descending on me like rain, i was shocked and disdain, and saw that everything about life was vain___
Oh, how i cried and wane, for i saw the end of the lane of humanity___
The train of life totally went plain and disappered..

be always prepared

The Fallen Star..

Who now knows you?
I remembered the other day,when my spirit almost left my torso,when my bone almost refused to aid me with the right stature.
I came running to you for help.you casted a poor glance at me calling me names with cleanched teeth.you almost sent my spirit to the nadir.
I walked away even after you couldn’t aid my problems, which you had the power to, yet you let me walked out without calling me back,yes i remembered,you laughed behind watching me go,Ah poor me., you didn’t know your laughter the other day spurred me to work harder,
Here i am today and there you are today,
where are your estates?
where are your expensive automobiles?
where are your wives and concubines?
where is it all?
it is all gone,even the power that made you powerful,now you stand here asking for help,it was all like yesterday…

**Moral Lesson**
Always help those in need because you can never know when you need them,so you wouldn’t be like the fallen star that can never rise to shine no more.take heed