continuation of A Day At School……. story

That day after going through a lot of experience, I gallopped in joy to my hall of residence,for all I cared I was freed from the shackles of lectures for the day. I was about taking a nap when I started hearing chants from no other place but my stomach, the worms were angry because I had starved them for too long, I managed to cook before I was choked up by my stomach beings. I ate and slept off…

few hours later I was woken up by a persistent knock at my door ‘shey you nor dey go church?’ my hall mate blurted in pidgin, it was then it dawn on me that it was a Friday night, ‘vigil’ I screamed out. ‘guy wait for me I dey go’ I shouted back at my hall mate, few minutes later I dashed out of my room and we headed for church.

I love going to church, may because it gives me a sense of belonging, I don’t know..even though I was a bench warmer but I do take active part in whatever is to be done.. on that particular day,i was in church as early as ever,then the student President walked up to me, ‘bro blessing you are going to conduct today’s programme’ without letting me reply he walked away, fear grabbed me,my shyness spirit made my body an abode, ‘what am I to say eh? ‘ I thought out aloud, no where to run to…meh??

finally the moment of truth came, I was motioned to start, I did a little prayer within, then walked up to the podium only to start speaking in latin, lolz, I knew this cause for the first five minute I was ranting away no one answered until I gain composure… it was such a day, laughing, to be continued…..


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