How Did We Get Here? E-Tribal War.

Nigeria has a country has been going through a lot of challenges at the moment, which no one is proud of.
Is it the trouble from Boko Haram in the North? or the Militancy in the East? or the kidnapping and “Badooing” (if there is any word like that in existence.) In the West?  No where in Nigeria can be described to be perfectly save.

Despite these challenges, the Nigerian online community seems to be building up another kind of war, which is hatred for another ethnic group. It has gotten to stage that political post online can’t be viewed without sentiments rather than with  a lucid mind and this has led to people giving different solutions which usually turn to online bashing.
Imagine a post on the Notorious Kidnapper Evans, some tribe moved for the motion that he be killed immediately, others were of the opinion of since he didn’t kill anyone he should be released.
Another issue is this bickering can be found on known websites and forums like Facebook, Nairaland  etc. The funny aspect is that these E-fighters have given each tribe a name, Yoruba are called Brown roof or Afoja, Igbo are called Flat heads or IPOB while the Hausa/Fulani seems to be the odd one in these E-clashes as it is usually rare to find the Hausas having an ethnic clash online.

This is a call on everyone especially sites owners, bloggers, site adminstrators to look at a way to stop this online division and hatred. We are still trying to bring “a dividing Nigeria” together offline please don’t add online division to it.


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