5 reasons you need a Bank Account.

Five Reasons you need to have an
Account with a bank..
It might interest you to know that
some Nigerians still do not have an
Account with any bank even as it is
now as easy as ABC to open an
Account with banks.. Here are the 5
reasons you need a bank account:
1. Safe keep: this has usually been
part of the definition of a bank, the
safest place to put those “life savings”
is a bank.Your money are safe not
just from thieves but from reckless
spending.If you put your money at
home you might be moved to take a
little from for no sane reason but
once it is at the bank you start having
this thought if it make sense to go
and withdraw the money for what
you want but you don’t need.
2. Increase in the habit of saving: do
you know having an Account with a
bank will boost your habit of savings?
You wouldn’t want to leave the
account empty even it is, it means you
don’t enjoy the service of the bank
where you are an Account holder but
you have an Account elsewhere
where the service suits you,In short
having a bank account will boost your
savings pattern which is good for
3. Easy transaction process: the bank
gives you easy means of transaction
without having to carry money
around and free of stress..example is
asking your bank to carry out a
standing order on your behalf this
means they pay on your behalf while
you face other pressing matters and
this can only be enjoyed by an
Account holder with the bank.
4. Statement of monthly spendings:
some people don’t know how they
spend money what they is know the
money comes and leaves.having an
Account with the bank will let you
know your monthly spendings and
incomes as the bank will always send
you a statement which you can use to
track how you spent your money and
this is possible if only you have a
bank account.
5. Investment purpose:if you put your
money in a bank it wi yield interest
even though it is not much it is
something you cannot get if you don’t
have a bank account ,therefore this is
a form of investment.