My Revelation.

This is my fourteenth year with Grandmother,I was placed in her care since only God knows when. Mama as i fondly called her would allow me do nothing all she wanted was for me to be by her side. At six i remembered playing with her sagged breast “Iya Eleko,you have spoilt Omokeyede” her friend seated with her said,Mama didn’t reply as she continue shelling melons while I played on with my new found toy.
Staying with Mama was fun until few months after my fourteenth birthday, Uncle John came to the village saying he was taking me to Lagos which Mama blatantly refused,I came out of my hiding and told uncle I wasn’t going either. He started complaining I was being over pampered and needed to be controlled before it gets out of hands,Mama stood up voicing out angrily,Uncle stood up too his voice loud and clear” Ever since the death of her mother you have refused me custody of my daughter,she even thinks I am her uncle,I want my child,we are leaving in three days time.”He said storming out.
Mama was quiet,I looked from her to Uncle getting into his car “What’s happening?why is uncle calling himself my father? but you said my father died a long time ago!” I asked. Mama drew me near “He is your father”she said. She explained how mother died during delivery,how father had gone ahead to marry another woman whom she thought would maltreat me. The uncle that always come home every three months buying things for me was my father, so it was a charage all these while,I jerked away from her “Mama,why did you lie to me?” I screamed as i ran to the backyard then into the bush to find solace,I heard Mama screaming my name


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