Five Things that will comes up in the minds of Nigeria living in America

Six things that occurred in the mind of Nigerians living abroad when they heard Donald Trump won the election.

1. Time to go home: having heard the news that Trump, the first thing that drops into the mind of most Nigerian is “Home”. the adage that America is Home away from Home begins to “trump” out of their mind.
2. Time To Relocate: for those that the love of Nigeria has left their heart the thought of relocating come to their mind, they start calling their friends in near by Canada to know how things are done there or call friends in faraway Iceland. it’s time to move.
3. Time To Know if the dollars you sent home was used for that house: most Nigerians will start calling those relatives/friends/contractors and asking them if the house they sent regular dollars for has been completed.. some will be so unlucky to find out that that relative didn’t build anything rather he was doing MMM.
4. Time To obey the rules: yes if you are going to stay back this is the time to obey the rules and not expect a fair treatment if you are not a citizen.
5: Time to start sending every of your income home: as you know Mr Trump can wake up tomorrow and say it is time to send you home by force please start sending your money to Nigeria so you don’t lose all in the long run.
And above all remember there is change there likewise here in Nigeria.


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