How I See Rice now.

How I see Rice Now. (Nigeria)

In the past rice use to be like every other food except for those at the village who see it as nothing special as there are other heavy foods like pounded yam,fufu,Eba etc to them rice was meant for those in the city,it was even believed that people in the city eat rice to the extent it could grow as a tree on their head. Especially in Lagos Rice is the number one food,after it comes others ,if you don’t have it at home you are not complete. we eat rice morning,afternoon and night and don’t care if its served for the whole of a year,when you go to a party you anticipate the coming of Jollof Rice which is a compulsory dish at every party because at the mention of Jollof Rice every food must bow.
But what is the situation now?
The situation due to the recession has made rice a scarce commodity in every home,even at a party you hardly get to savour the flavour of Jollof Rice not to talk of eating it. Now rice is so cost you have to plan how you eat it and if you want to make matter worse visit food vendors to buy rice and you will feel like crying.
We see rice as gold due to the sharp increase in it price,it is so sharp it can cut ones hand if care is not taken. Rice that we used to buy for 6000 Naira has now quadrupled and people have to source for cheaper foods but at the moment is there anything like cheap food? Rice is now the golden food.
What is the rate at which you use to eat rice before and how you eat it now?


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