“Green White Green” the meaning.

Green White Green.

Only one country in the world uses these colours as its flag in this sequence,there is no country other than Nigeria. Tomorrow, 1st of October Nigeria will clock 56years,it is something to thank God for that the bond still “struggle” to exist despite the diversities. Moving away from the celebration I will be writing on the meaning of the flag colours what it depicts then and now.
Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi, the designer of the Nigeria flag must have come up with series of colour combinations before settling for Green and white, he must have seen that every part of Nigeria was into Agriculture, groundnut from the north,Cocoa from the west, palm oil from the south,all of this symbolizes that Nigeria was deeply rooted in agriculture,it was our revenue earner which means every part of Nigeria created it own revenue, Coming to present day Nigeria I believe the green colours on our flag should be changed to Black because we now depend on one stream of income which is the black oil also know as crude oil,another reason for the colour black is that we have allow a small part of Nigeria create revenue for the whole of Nigeria which is not suppose to be so ,every part of Nigeria was and is suppose to bring their revenue together,this is the only way the bond can be strong but when a part is producing for a whole then something is wrong.
Pa Akinkunmi also selected the white colour to symbolize peace which means if every part of the country create it own revenue there will be peace every where,I believe that is why the white is between the green colours but what do we have today,we have a Nigeria filled with danger as you have to be alert every now and then, we have BokoHaram from the North, Militants from the south,kidnappers from the West,this is not what the colour white on our flag depicts, red is the right colour here,therefore Nigeria would be left with Black and Red,this are the least colours to reckon with.
Black and Red is overshadowing our green and white and if care is not taken it will replace it all.
This is a call to the Federal government to do everything in her power to jealously guide the bond that hold Nigeria,we must retrace our steps and see where will went amiss,we must bring back that love,we must make each part of the country earn it own revenue and stop relying on one part to supply for a whole.
As we Celebrate Nigeria at 56,I hope and pray things get better and God bestow His knowledge on our leaders to lead us right and the same time help them listen to the right advice.
Happy Birthday Nigeria.
God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.
United we Stand.


2015 and 2016 personal budget.

2015 and 2016 personal budget.

these two really varies as there is a wide margin,”the difference is so visible to the deaf and audible to the blind.” (Divinequote 2016)

2015 fictional budget.

1. Food stuff- 30,000 Naira per month
2. Clothing- 10,000 Naira every 3months.
3. Motor Vehicle expenses-7000 Naira per month.
4. Generator fueling- 3000 Naira per night.
5. Electricity bill – depends
6. House Rent- 10,000 Naira per month.
7. Phone/laptop subscription- 7000 Naira per month
8. Recharge card – 1000 Naira per week.
Salary – 150,000 Naira per month.
Loan- nil
Overdraft- nil.
Health status- very ok.
Blood pressure- very ok.
Feeding- balance diet.
Savings- blue.
Mood – Always happy.

2016 fictional budget.

1. Food stuff- 9000 Naira per month
2. Clothing- 1,500 Naira every 3months
3. Motor Vehicle expenses- sold vehicle
4. Generator fueling- sold generator.
5. Electricity bill – disconnected
6. House rent – relocated to a cheap area 1,500 per month.
7. Phone/laptop subscription- sold laptop, 500Naira for phone subscription.
8. Recharge card – 100 Naira per month.thank God for flashing.
Salary – 30,000 Naira per month.
Transportation- 25,000 Naira per Month.
Loan- 70,000 Naira minus interest
Overdraft- 12,000 Naira.
Health status- very very poor.
Blood pressure- High
Feeding- 0-1-0
Savings- Deep Red.
Mood – Always worried.

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My Experience as a hawker in Lagos.

My Experience as a Road hawker.

I was tired of sitting at home with nothing to show as the reward, I decided to contact my street friend Uche who i really envy because every weekend when he was at home he bounced from earth to heaven and back to earth like a big boy while the small boys like myself in the area looked up to him. On this very day after i had made that determination I went to him “Uche abeg i dey find work,help your guy” I said as if i was praying rubbing my palm over the other. He was silent for some minutes i guessed he was thinking of helping me or not,after what seems like hours he considered me “guy tomorrow na Monday so you go need reach here by 5:00am if i nor see you by that time then forget am.” he said as he picked up his phone to answer a call. “5am bawo” I thought, Me that 5am is the best sleeping hours for but on the other hand i needed money,beggars can’t be choosers,therefore the next day I was at Uche’s house at exactly 4:40am,things we do for money. Getting to his house I met other street big boys as we all started the long ride to our workshop as they say “it is where a man works there he shops that’s why it is called workshop” (pidgin).
After one hour of the drive we got to a popular market in Lagos,before i could say ABC guys were already out of the “danfo”(a yellow Volkswagen bus in Lagos) changing into another cloth,I saw Uche too removing his shirt and slipping on another cloth as i didn’t bring any cloth i just stood still observing,before I could breath in guys were already moving towards their area of specialization collecting their wares into a carton while Uche led me to a woman whom he introduced me to as his brother,the woman took two cartons and filled it with gala,one for me the other for Uche, He led me to where we were to resume,guys were already there running after cars,buses,bikes etc Uche soon join the race while I carried my own portion of the gala like I was new in Lagos. If Nigeria really want to win gold medals in track event then this was the place to picked up raw talent and groom them,they run with skill and zeal,some of them sold more than three cartons a day while I had manage to sell one gala and made a loss of three galas due to all those wicked buyers in vehicles that will pick one gala and drive away and I wasn’t ready to run after them,Uche paid for the loss thinking I was new to the trade.
The next day we were back to the road but sales was not really moving,then Uche received a call on his phone,he ended the call “them say hold up(traffic jam) dey Oshodi o” he told us before I knew what’s up guys were already boarding vehicles with their wares to Oshodi,Uche drew me aside “this place we dey go na danger zone o because them no dey allow us hawk for there once you see any vehicle watch very well before you move close,no dull yourself o” he told me while we boarded our own bus to Oshodi. The hawking soon began while we were happy with the traffic jam people in the bus were visibly angry but that didn’t stop them from buying gala at least to keep their mouth busy. I was lost in the euphoria of making sales when I heard “Ambode boys don arrive o” I saw guys running here and there,then from my part of the road I saw six boys pleading as they were being dragged by their trousers into a bus, I quickly carried my wares and took to my heels. As we return home as guys talked about those that were caught,I knew deep down within me that was my last day with them.

The End.

How I See Rice now.

How I see Rice Now. (Nigeria)

In the past rice use to be like every other food except for those at the village who see it as nothing special as there are other heavy foods like pounded yam,fufu,Eba etc to them rice was meant for those in the city,it was even believed that people in the city eat rice to the extent it could grow as a tree on their head. Especially in Lagos Rice is the number one food,after it comes others ,if you don’t have it at home you are not complete. we eat rice morning,afternoon and night and don’t care if its served for the whole of a year,when you go to a party you anticipate the coming of Jollof Rice which is a compulsory dish at every party because at the mention of Jollof Rice every food must bow.
But what is the situation now?
The situation due to the recession has made rice a scarce commodity in every home,even at a party you hardly get to savour the flavour of Jollof Rice not to talk of eating it. Now rice is so cost you have to plan how you eat it and if you want to make matter worse visit food vendors to buy rice and you will feel like crying.
We see rice as gold due to the sharp increase in it price,it is so sharp it can cut ones hand if care is not taken. Rice that we used to buy for 6000 Naira has now quadrupled and people have to source for cheaper foods but at the moment is there anything like cheap food? Rice is now the golden food.
What is the rate at which you use to eat rice before and how you eat it now?