Mark Zukerberg in Nigeria.

Mark Zukerberg in Nigeria.
let it be in record that on 30th of
August 2016 ,one of the most
powerful men in the world,7th
billionaire,IT god came to Lagos

Mark came to Nigeria with Nigerians
not being aware,there was a sense of
joy in the mind of those that know

Alot is spectacular about this young
rich man,
He came to Nigeria like a commoner
unlike some of our fellow Nigerians
who would have few dollars in their
account and start flaunting it here and

Mark is modest,No wrist watch,no
expensive clothing,his appearance is
so modest to the extent if you don’t
know who he is you will just look
down on him.

Mark is humble: He came all the way
to Nigeria to learn where most of the
tech entrepreneur see him as a god
and model even Seun Osewa owner
of the biggest forum in Africa
acknowledged that Mark is an alien.

Mark is free: ever since he reached
Lagos,Mark has been moving freely as
though Nigeria is his home
country,hardly is there any Nigeria
billionaire who can try that even in a
state as peaceful as Lagos.

welcome to Nigeria Mark Zukerberg


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