My Experience at a Beer Parlour

Saturday Beer Palour.
Mondays to Fridays were usually busy days for me ,the only day of the week when i get to smile from the bottom of my heart was Saturday, why? because after the regular Owanbe the next place i seek succour is the beer parlour though I don’t drink more than two bottles but I can spend more than 3hours there.
This Saturday was quite different,since June, Saturdays have been different I hardly get invited to Owanbes anymore and if i am invited food which is my driving force are always limited,it is either they share Biscuit and one bottle of soft drink or snacks, there was even one i went where we were served groundnut,I was shocked. There was a time every Saturdays I usually have one party or the other to attend or gate crash but like I wrote things are different now.
This very Saturday,i had woken late since there was no invitation and no where to gate crash, I was indoor all through eating beans,sleeping,pressing my phone,that was the routine. Once it was 8:30pm i decided to go to the beer Palour as it was my usual habit,in the past my budget for drink was always between 3000 to 5000 Naira because i do buy for other people but today i just slip 300 Naira only into my pocket and i was on my way.
I got to the beer Palour and i noticed it was quite scanty,I moved to my corner ,the owner greeted me from within the shop “Customer,wetin make them bring” she asked. “my usual but just one bottle.” I said while i adjusted the plastic chair, “Oga why you go buy one na,na 3 you buy last week and tonight own cold wella ” She added. ‘It seems this woman is high” I thought “Madam shey na for free ni?” I asked with my eyes fixed to the television as the A/C blew fresh air into my body system,I heard a hiss which i ignore “maybe na by force to buy more than one bottle”I Said within while i quickly plug in my charger to power my phone and power bank.
A lady soon brought my order and i paid her immediately,I poured a little in the cup and started sipping with my eyes glued to the television. I had hardly spent more than 40minutes and my drink was almost empty when the lady came to me again “are you buying anything again sir?” She asked, “No,not all” I said as i gulped down the last cup, “then you have to leave sir,you bought one bottle which means you can stay for only 30minutes but if you wish to stay a little longer you have to buy something again” She said clearing my table,I looked as if i was slapped “What kind of system is this? must i buy more bottle to stay here? ” I asked. “that’s the New system,you can’t come here, buy one bottle and be using style to charge all your gadgets till they are full.if you want to stay longer buy more bottles.” She said walking away. Before I could say Buhari the security was already removing my gadgets and handling them to me, to avoid further embarrassment i collected my things and i was out. “This woman don lose customer.” I said as i walked back home.


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