Nigeria Movies And The Long Duration Of Advertisement.

Nigeria Movies and the Long Duration
of Advertisement.
There is this special feature
Nollywood brings in to her own
movies “Advertisement” the killer of
time. After the wasting of time
through listing out names of cast
including make up artist,Driver at
location,Songwriter etc which will also
be listed again at the end of the
movie,These are rarely done in
Hollywood or Bollywood movies,
Where did Nollywood now learn this
system of prolonging duration of
movies through Advertisement.
A typical Nollywood movies will
advertise close to 10 movies with a
duration of at least 1minute for each
advert and when you think they are
done they come up with a latest
music from a musician which is
mostly done in Yoruba movies.
This is one of the many reasons most
Nigerians now prefer to watch Movies
from foreign countries,this is why
they even prefer watching the likes of
Koreans movies they hardly
understand the language been
spoken in such movies.
Where did Nollywood learn this art of
prolonging Advertisement.


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