Naming Your Pets.

Naming Your Pet.
Pets are one of the most closely related living creatures you can keep.Alot of people keep pets for various reasons ranging from their love for nature,the special features of the pet,the skin,the size etc.
Naming ones pet is a great task,you don’t just give your pets anyname,you find a name that you believe befit them either owing to the qualities ascribe to such name. E.g naming your dog “Power,danger etc it depicts you want it to be fierce and ferocious.
In Africa naming of pets is quite different from the way it is done in foreign countries where you will find a cat going by the name Jane or a rabbit going by the name Paul etc. In foreign countries such names can be ascribe to humans and to them it is nothing but love. But here in Africa in the past it is odd to hear a pet go by your name. Let’s say you get to a friend’s house and then you hear “Paul come here” and your name is also Paul while you rise up to answer, you see a dog appear from no where answering your name, what will be your reaction?
Now coming to a modern day Africa we have gotten to a stage where we have copied if not all the act and deeds done abroad, therefore,it is not bad to hear a pet bear an human name.
How do you name your pet?


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