My House Hunt Wahala.

Having stayed with my brother and his family for six years,I decided to look for a small room to begin my own life.
I trekked the whole of Ikorodu moving from house to house, i was made to believe it was easier getting a house through an agent than through a landlord so i settled for one.
He was so professional,he took me to his office where i was given a form to fill,he told me about the various houses,their price and their features,it was all pleasing to my hearing,
He even took me to the various houses where rooms were vacant.
I was more than convinced so i agreed to the payment of 75,000Naira for the room. What i noticed was that on the day i went to make the payment I was almost at his office door post when i heard words that sounded like incantations but i waved
it off and entered the office i noticed he stylishly hid something under his table amidst his suprise but what it was i never knew. ”so you have come to make the payment?” he asked smiling “Yes o,I like the house at Salvation street,i would prefer it” I answered while i dipped my hand into my pocket for the money, “I know you will like that one,the house is a nice one and the rooms there are all up to standard” He said as he rubbed his palm over the other while i counted the money. I gave him 75,000 Naira which he also counted in my presence to be double sure “It’s complete” He announced.
He brought out his receipt booklet to issue me my receipt,he asked for my name which i told him then i noticed he was muttering something all of a sudden he looked straight into my eyes and that was the last thing i remembered till i got to my brother’s house.
My brother asked if i had paid for the house to which i answered in affirmative “Where is the house address” He asked congratulating me, I looked confused “What house address? I don’t know the address.” I answered,He asked if i knew my way to the house it was then it dawn on me i didn’t even collect the receipt,i couldn’t remember my way to the agent’s office neither could i remember his face,I checked my pocket to know if my money was still intact but it was gone.
“you were jazzed and duped” my brother said with a sorry look.
That was how i lost 75,000 Naira to an unknown agent.
I refused to believe in any agent till someone introduce me to where i rented the house i stay now.


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