What Sundays bring to all.

What Sundays bring to all.

Out of the 7days that makes a week. Sunday has it own special features apart from being just a day. Ironically it bears a name after the Sun which depicts hardwork but it is not so.

The following are the special features that is unique to Sunday.

1. It is a peaceful day: not that other days are not peaceful but Sunday is the most peaceful as everyone and everything is always at peace not like the other days of the week that is always hectic.
2. Visiting day: Here in Nigeria, Sunday is usually used as a day to visit that family member you have seen a long time ago,that friend that’s only free on Sundays etc.
3. Relaxation day: have you noticed you are always feeling lazy to do any strenuous work on Sundays. So sunday is a day to relax and relate properly with your family.
4. Preparation for the week: Sundays are meant to be used as days you use to get prepared for the week,you select those cloth you wished to use for that week on Sunday,you iron them etc. Like they say Preparation is the mother of manifestation, if you don’t prepare for the week on Sunday you are going to be in for a not too good week.
5. Brings out your best beauty: this can be funny but do you know Sundays are the day most people dress to kill especially those going to church,that’s why you will hear some people say it is because i don’t have a New cloth i didn’t go to church.
Sundays bring alot to diverse of people.
What did Sunday bring to you?


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