My House Hunt Wahala.

You know that Naija mentality of everyone wanting to be a home owner,the solace you find in becoming one because there is no longer one Baba Kasali running after you at the end of the month. It was this thought that pushed me to buy my house.
It was during this wandering i met an agent Mr Tolu AKA “Omo Onile General ” that was the name written on the designed board in front of the shop he called his office, I had gone to him telling him i needed a house,two bedrooms flat preferably. He brought out an exercise book containing names of the suppose houses which he was an agent for, “we have four flats at Lekki phase 1, 12.5 million Naira each” he said his eyes fixed on the exercise book, ” “12.5million Naira?” i asked,”Oga,It is 12.5million Naira,my commission is 500,000 Naira, Everything is 13million Naira only.” I shook my head in objection, “Oga no house in places like Agege,something of my financial status because i budgeted only 5million Naira.he opened another page in his “Book of Life” i guessed he was searching for houses at my desired location. After searching for what seems like hours he looked up and smiled “ok,we have something of your taste at Dopemu Agege at that price.” I smiled as though i had won a medal,my dream of becoming a “Lagosian Landlord” was in the making. then i remembered the Omo Onile saga which Lagos was known for but Mr Tolu assured me.We chose a date to go to the house for inspection before making payment as i still had my Lagosian sense with me.

I rushed home explaining to my wife that we would soon be home owners, my wife was skeptical about the whole thing, she brought out her phone and i saw her type on her browser page,she was an internet savvy and knew the in and out while i was of the older generation “Where did you say the house is ?”she asked after the website had loaded, I look confused i didn’t understand what she was up to but i answered “it is at Dopemu Agege” she searched for houses for sales there and it brought up 18 houses with the highest price being 4.5million Naira,the suprising aspect was that i could see the pictures of the houses and their special features. we chose one and as she was the one that understands this internet thing we did the buying online,got the document and moved in the following week. When Mr Tope didn’t see me he called my line “Hello,Mr Joshua,the house you chose at Dopemu Agege is still available” he said, I laughed “Sorry i just bought the house.” he started shouting on the phone “you are a back stabber,you are this ,you are that” i replied him, “ did it for me.” i drop the phone call.
Your buying and selling of houses could be done at ease.


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