Ten Things Ospolites Can relate with.

Top Ten things Ospolite can relate
1. Poly Junction is the center of
affairs,you can get anything and
everything here.
2. Eripa Water Fall,if you are the fun
seeking type of person you will have
no choice than to visit the place even
if it is once because that is the closest
tourist reserve though there is one in
Iragbiji,the seven mountain.
3. You must know at least one jungle
route..though the first time i heard it i
thought it was the real jungle,you
know where you see wild animals.
4. You must visit the school micro
finance at least once after admission
either to withdraw at the ATM or pay
school fee at the bank.
5. 75% of students don’t know where
the Rector’s office is,15% know it is in
the Bursary Building premises, while
the remaining 10% knows the stair
case that lead to the rector’s
office..where do you fall?
6. During the festive period especially
24th and 29th of December,it is not
advisable to travel except if you can
run after a moving bus as you will be
suprise at the crowd you will
meet,even if you wake up by 3:00am
you will meet people with their
traveling bag.
7. Every fresher always have the
thought that the Multi purpose
building is large until they get to see it
in reality.
8. The best faculty in terms of
structure presently and in terms of
being the best is Faculty of Financial
Studies,If you doubt you can ask
9. You will always have something that
will lead you to the customary court
close to the palace only few escape
10. The community and even the
school is highly religious,there is
hardly any corner in Iree you wouldn’t
find a mosque or a church.
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