Conversation Between An Accountant,Bank worker,Economist, Political Analyst,Trader on the economy..

Bank Worker: I was at your shop today
i met your boy so i told him to give me
the shoe will haggle on last year for
8000naira,your boy looked me in the
eye and said the shoe now cost
36000naira,i had to look around to be
sure it was your shop i was and not
somewhere else,something we had
agree upon.
Trader: Come on don’t you watch the
news Abi you of all people are not a
privy to what is happening,the other
day at your bank i was kneeling and
begging your bank manager to help
me with few dollars to import new
shoes.guess what he said “I am sorry
but for now there is a restriction on
dollars,i can’t help.” does he mean i
should close down my shop or
what,the government is not helping
Economist: the government is only
helping you,you don’t know,if they
should flood in dollars even though
that is impossible except we go
borrowing From those Modern day
slave masters, you just have to
endure,can’t you just source for your
shoes within Nigeria? atleast promote
local product.
Trader:Oh oh,which Nigerian
Company produces shoe? and if i say
you should buy Aba made now you
will start complaining it is too cost that
you prefer the “Bend down Select”
Bank worker: Too bad, it is not like it
is our fault,we don’t have good
economy policies and that is where
economist are lagging behind.
imagine we import common tooth
pick,common tooth pick haha it is
Economist: Hell No,how is it our fault
where were you when the
Accountants that were suppose to see
to our income and expenditures
where busy doing other
things,imagine Accountant will
account for money that doesn’t exist.
They are…..
Accountant: Abeg,don’t say what you
don’t know,Accountants say what
they see,you have 5naira and i say it is
5naira,do i force you on our to spend
your money,we can only give financial
advice yours is to choose to
follow..but hey what is this
50000naira deducted from my
account,what for?
Banker:it is a new policy
All: which policy after the 1000 and 50
naira policy.
Political Analyst1: It is the fault of
APC,you voted change and you have
Political Analyst2: How is it APC fault?
if PDP had left some reserve all this
wouldn’t be happening,The
government is trying to proffer
Political Analyst1: and you think….
Bank Worker: Bar man,come and give
APC and PDP fellows more bottles
before they start the blame game…
Disclaimer: This is in no way
supporting or opposing anyone and
not to be taken serious..


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