Last Night,while i was on my bed thinking of how the day had gone , I was about saying my prayers when i heard a silent knock on my door,i was sure it couldn’t be madam because she would barge in being the mother of house, “Come in ” i said as i roll over on the bed, two little heads appeared, my pulse increased on seeing them because any time they come in this manner something was at at stake, “My Angels come in,you want to see daddy?”I asked smiling,they walked in “Yes dad” Bolu the elder one said, “ok come closer,daddy will listen” i assured as i started calculating what could have called for this meeting, there was an A4 sheet with them,my pulse increased higher again “Daddy we are resuming on monday” the bomb was shelled, I need not be told what was on the paper any more, i collected the paper and saw like 12text books each,the least price being one thousand naira, i turned the other page and saw the list of things they wanted to buy,new bags,new shoes,new school uniforms, Seun in Primary school even said she was going to buy new basket and water bottle,i looked further into the list and saw the New school fees for each of them,i breath in then with a smile i dismissed them..
“Their mom must have done a good job,training them to come meet daddy” as i brought out my calculator to do some calculations, lo and behold every thing amounted to one hundred and ten thousand naira only, i breathed in again.. The other day my mom was singing the song that she wanted more children, “after three children?” i asked as i stared at her in amazement,maybe she thinks we were still in the 1940s where parents gave birth to as many as they want and lead them to the farm,that was the order of the day back then not now, if you say because the holy books say “you should go into the world and multiply”it doesn’t mean you should start giving birth like pigs in this modern dispensation.I was brought back to reality when a call came from my eldest child, he is a student at a Federal University ,i felt hot immediately, talk of the devil and he appears, “another money Matter,may it is money for handouts this time” i thought as i picked his call, “Hello,Dad how are you and everybody….” i cut him short “Femi what’s it?” i asked as i was impatient, “Dad,i just wanted to greet you because of i miss everyone” he said,i heaved a sign of relief “eh,Femi so this what you do with the little pocket money i send you, we miss you too, et me call you tomorrow .” I said dropping the call.. After brain storming for a while,madam came in and acted as if she didn’t have a foreknowledge of what the kids had come to discuss with me,i gave her the paper they gave me and she read it as if it was the first time she was seeing it, “Dear,God will provide for us” she said… “Amen” I said sinking into the bed…

To all the parents out there God will provide for you…



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