I woke this morning to get a text message from a friend of mine inviting me to come celebrate Sallah with him, “not again” i said within as i put on my short…
I remembered the ordeal Sule my friend put me through last year, i received his call last year, a day to Sallah as he had done today which i promised to come since he said there was going to be a lot of meats and food,not that i am a glutton but at the mention of food my stomach must rumble…
On the day of the celebration,i refused eating anything as i told anyone that cared to listen that i am on dry fasting,even my mom was surprised i was not eating as food was my second nickname,my mom went ahead to remind me of the other day when the pastor said i should fast for a day,when the time clocked 11:00am i was already feeling miserable so i took some cash or let me say i stole some cash then lied to my mom i was going for a walk, i went to the closest food vendor and ate to my satisfaction, i cleaned my mouth then went back home acting sluggishly as though i had not eaten,the next day when i went to the pastor for prayers, he told my mom to my amazement that i didn’t fast while i sweared heaven and earth that i fasted, then the pastor said he was the man putting on red shirt sitting close to me when i was eating..”pls what was he looking for? ”
I became sober as i knew i had been caught red handed,my mom looked at me on the day i told her i was fasting willingly, she was glad as she even prayed for me…
By 10am i was on my way to Sule’s house,I met another friend of mine named Saheed,he also asked me to come over saying they killed two fowls, “2fowls?when Sule dad killed two cows, i will rather go to Sule’s house “i thought within, i lied to him saying i would come…
Getting to Sule’s house i met a lot of people,i quickly sighted my friend Sule who said i should help in serving the food, i did it diligently hoping that i will get a bag full of meat,despite the fact that i was hungry i worked from 12pm till 6pm Serving the guest.. Then it was time to go home,I dragged my friend to a corner telling him i was going home,he thanked for my help and turned to leave to attend to other matter,i held his cloth”Sule wey my meat ?”I asked almost crying,,he looked at me “guy you mean say you nor carry any meat since when you dey serve? That was the reason i asked you to serve na”he said looking surprise, I stood still as tears where now forming in my eyes “guy you no go believe i never chop anything today,help me find something to chew” i begged,he ran inside and bought a chewing bone,which i chewed till i got to the front of my house…

Today as i saw Sule’s message i swear i will carry 3bags with me tomorrow when going to his house and this time i pray he put me charge of food as he did last year and i would be smarter….

The end…

Happy Sallah Celebration to my Muslim brothers and Sisters…


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