Pain of a married man

Pain of a Married Man:Money for soup…

This post you are about to read is typical to africans…

We have been living together for four years, I refuse to use the word “Marrige” because this relationship has mar and aged me than normal.. I and Tola relationship was only pleasing and sweet when there is money but reverse is the case when the opposite occurs.. when it is the end of the month my wife or let me say my partner would be the nicest person on earth “Femi have you had your bath,food is on the table bla bla Bla….” At night she will be begging me to do my manly duty even when I say I am worked up.. But when it gets to the mid month,to touch my partner is death it was like touching the panther it will bite, my wife will shout and shout nagging at the slightest mistake.. when I am down of cash I meet a sour soup and cold food on my table plus a hot fight which I take as tablet before dropping to my bed..
There was this day I was so cashless, I had crafted a plan, by 4:30am while I thought my partner was snoring and sleeping her life away,I rose from the bed and quietly stole away to the bathroom and had a silent bath, that kind of bath you just pour water on your body slowly, quietly I made for the bedroom,I wore my cloth, I was about opening the door to escape to freedom when madam rose up from the bed “if you are going to sneak away please kindly drop the money for soup before you come home again saying it is sour”


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