My Marriage

Forever will i remember the the day
David came to add the “Mrs” to my
name. Our house was full to the brim
as guests arrived from my
paternal and maternal’s family. The
preparation for the Marriage had
began as early as 5:30am, my mom
was busy ordering everyone here and
there and dad was doing his own
preparation, my friends had also
arrived to help as they teased me at
the slightest oppurtunity.
My Dad had insisted on having a
traditional marriage, by 10am the
groom,my love David and his family
members had arrived, i was quickly
taken to a room where i stayed with
my friends, as was our tradition i
was not permitted to set an eye on
my husband until the two family had
finished their discussion.
After hours of waiting, the excitement,
the tension was all over me, i
was summoned, i walked in followed
by my friends,my face was partly
covered, my husband-to-be sat on
the chair admist his family beaming
with smiles. I knelt down before my
father who started praying for me
using all the gifts that were brought as
a source of prayer, my
husband was also later called to join
me, he knelt down before my
father and we were both blessed, His
parent did likewise.
It was time to go to my new home,my
mom couldn’t control it again she
burst into tears i couldn’t help it, i
joined the “crying race” which
my siblings also joined, it was only
dad who refused to cry but i knew
within he was fighting hard to keep
the tears away. I was soon led
away by my husband family followed
by my friends, my husband family
were singing hapily, i got to my new
family house by 9:30pm, i was not
allowed in,the women in the house
hurriedly went to get a bowl of
water with which they washed my
legs,blessing me in the process, After
this ritual i was allowed in, i went
straight to my husband’s room, he
had been waiting, he couldn’t curtail
his excitement as he carried me
to the bed,where we dance to the
sweet tunes of sex. It was a pleasant


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