A Gamble that destroyed the Marble

A Gamble that destroyed the Marble..

This story is for the gamblers,people who throw the dice,shove the card and know the winning number..

My name is George,my street friends know me as Gking,I know you will think the G stands for George far from it,the G stands for Gamblers therefore it is ok to address me as Gamblers king.. Back then when I was careless,tactless and reckless,when I move about with dice in my left pocket and a pack of cards at my back pocket,those where my own tools for my everyday business, it is either you meet me at the joint where we were battling not with axe,cutlass or gun, but with dice,cards and money,and other times we can create some dubious show inviting gullible folks to come gamble,imagine telling a person to bet 500 Naira and he would win 5000Naira by just selecting a card,is that ever possible? Some people would say they believe in luck but they end up shocked when they loose their hard earned money,some will go as far as praying to God before selecting,pls what has God got to do with this? moreover He has more important and sensible matters to attend to, I smile within when our unsuspecting players think they are winning until the hands of the game change and start shouting Foul or is it Fowl they want to say because that is what they are,sorry it is late..
Only a master can beat a master at the game, there was this day I was going about doing the gambling wonder then I saw this guy displaying his brilliancy in the game and making money, i decided to show my own talent, atleast there is a part in the bible that says “don’t bury your talent cause you will account for it” but unlike this day I never knew I and my devilish talent would be almost buried, I move towards the guy,I dropped my bet on his table and he did likewise, a large crowd had gather, I won the first,second and third round,the guy use all his puerile tricks at the forth and fifth stage as a master that I was I won easily,then he couldn’t control his anger, a fight broke out, I never for once believe in black magic or voodoo, he hit my chest and I dropped down like a log of wood,the mighty gambler was down, I couldn’t stand,I was rushed home,for month I lay on my back not moving,not siting,not doing anything then I was carried to a church where I was delivered, it was then sense dawn on me,”It was not as if I was born with golden plate not spoon this time,I was born with marble plate,rather than shine and assemble it proper maybe God in heaven would have seen my hard work and given me a golden plate but I gambled and it all waddled away”

The end..



Pain of a married man

Pain of a Married Man:Money for soup…

This post you are about to read is typical to africans…

We have been living together for four years, I refuse to use the word “Marrige” because this relationship has mar and aged me than normal.. I and Tola relationship was only pleasing and sweet when there is money but reverse is the case when the opposite occurs.. when it is the end of the month my wife or let me say my partner would be the nicest person on earth “Femi have you had your bath,food is on the table bla bla Bla….” At night she will be begging me to do my manly duty even when I say I am worked up.. But when it gets to the mid month,to touch my partner is death it was like touching the panther it will bite, my wife will shout and shout nagging at the slightest mistake.. when I am down of cash I meet a sour soup and cold food on my table plus a hot fight which I take as tablet before dropping to my bed..
There was this day I was so cashless, I had crafted a plan, by 4:30am while I thought my partner was snoring and sleeping her life away,I rose from the bed and quietly stole away to the bathroom and had a silent bath, that kind of bath you just pour water on your body slowly, quietly I made for the bedroom,I wore my cloth, I was about opening the door to escape to freedom when madam rose up from the bed “if you are going to sneak away please kindly drop the money for soup before you come home again saying it is sour”

My Marriage

Forever will i remember the the day
David came to add the “Mrs” to my
name. Our house was full to the brim
as guests arrived from my
paternal and maternal’s family. The
preparation for the Marriage had
began as early as 5:30am, my mom
was busy ordering everyone here and
there and dad was doing his own
preparation, my friends had also
arrived to help as they teased me at
the slightest oppurtunity.
My Dad had insisted on having a
traditional marriage, by 10am the
groom,my love David and his family
members had arrived, i was quickly
taken to a room where i stayed with
my friends, as was our tradition i
was not permitted to set an eye on
my husband until the two family had
finished their discussion.
After hours of waiting, the excitement,
the tension was all over me, i
was summoned, i walked in followed
by my friends,my face was partly
covered, my husband-to-be sat on
the chair admist his family beaming
with smiles. I knelt down before my
father who started praying for me
using all the gifts that were brought as
a source of prayer, my
husband was also later called to join
me, he knelt down before my
father and we were both blessed, His
parent did likewise.
It was time to go to my new home,my
mom couldn’t control it again she
burst into tears i couldn’t help it, i
joined the “crying race” which
my siblings also joined, it was only
dad who refused to cry but i knew
within he was fighting hard to keep
the tears away. I was soon led
away by my husband family followed
by my friends, my husband family
were singing hapily, i got to my new
family house by 9:30pm, i was not
allowed in,the women in the house
hurriedly went to get a bowl of
water with which they washed my
legs,blessing me in the process, After
this ritual i was allowed in, i went
straight to my husband’s room, he
had been waiting, he couldn’t curtail
his excitement as he carried me
to the bed,where we dance to the
sweet tunes of sex. It was a pleasant