How They killed me.

It has been four days I ate a good
meal, I sat in the darkest part of the
room staring at nothing in
particular,my roommates had travel
leaving me in hunger, I live with a
family of 3,the husband,wife and a
little boy, they had shut the door and
window making it difficult for me to
visit the neighbors and feast with
On the forth day while I sat close to
the hanger drooling, the door
suddenly opened my roommates had
arrived I was so excited as I flew out
to embrace them, the wife saw me
and shouted “darling don’t let it touch
you, but you said you had gotten rid
of this thing” pointing in my direction,
the husband brought his hand close
to me to hit me I guessed I escaped
and made my way back to my corner,
“I don’t know why this woman hated
me this much” the other day she
brought a packet home and placed it
on the table, I flew out to examine it, I
saw a picture similar to mine and an
inscription that read “How to Kill It in
3mins.” Since then I had dreaded the
The night they arrived I waited for
them to sleep when I was sure they
were asleep, I flew out of my hiding
place singing happily i went to the
wife and landed on her,I bite her in
there different places, she rolled off
the bed scratching her body “I am
going to kill this thing I swear” she
The next day things changed , the
family came in, the husband held a
can with the name “Mortein, kills
faster in 5mins” I was scared and
quickly went to hide.the wife shut the
windows and ordered their boy out
while she followed him closely, the
husband held to the can and started
spraying gaseous substance all over
the room,he ran out and I tried to
follow him but he had shut the door, I
flew around looking for a way out
when I notice death Was inevitable, I
took a pen to scribe this down should
my death be investigated by the police
or better still should my people come
looking for me they should stay off
this room and a lesson to them to
stay off any room that uses “Mortein”
I, Sodiat, the mighty sucker, the junior
food maker, ever searching wifi of the
Mosquito Generation was killed in a
brutal way, goodbye as I go to rest
with the ancestors..
The end.

Copyright(c)olumide 2015


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