Open Letter to the governor of OGUN state..


Firstly sir, let me congratulate you on your return for a second term as the governor of Ogun state although this didn’t come as a shock to me because you did a great work in the state especially in terms of construction the likes of Sango-Ijoko road,Ota road and other part of the state comes to mind, I also commend you on the improved facility in the health sector as people of the state now patronise public health centres,I am sure of the one at Ota also know as “School 3”, it is a good development and the educational sector is also something good to write home about and other sectors, for this I say thank you.

Sir as you begin a new term from 29th of may, I will like to draw your attention to the Ifo-Abeokuta road, that road is in a bad state especially from Joju to Ijako, the traffic jam that do occur on this road is something else due to the bad road, especially when there is rain,one will have to spend 30minutes On a 5minutes journey which is really not ideal,worst of it all is rate at which accidents do occur on this road on a regular basis, this is bad for our state as this road leads to other states of the federation. This might interest you to know sir that there are more than 10companies on this road, i mean industrial companies and I don’t know why they can’t make a combine effort to find a solution to this road as a form of giving back to the society, Sir maybe you can use your post to talk some sense to them as amending that road will also be to their benefit but sir I don’t know if you can add this road to your construction projects it will add a feather to your already full cap but as it seems to be a Federal government road you can as well lobby for the road to be repaired..
I hope to see the new change on the road.

From a concerned Nigerian..


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