Bottles Painted Green, Black and Colourful.

Bottles painted green,black and
decorated on the table like
christmas tree
every of it empty
cups sitting here and there smelly and dirty
sight unclear like the television
of the 90’s
going black and white
imaginary being flowing by
mouth speaking out foolish words mixed with sweet odour
as we converse.

Time to go home,
bottle painted green, black and
colourful stalking around
one with full liquid dancing in it under the armpit
one half empty in hand
clinging to it as though it were
staggering home
legs and body walking separately as the wind controlled the

Home, at last
where the mosquitoes breed
where the waters flow through
where spirogyra sticks to the
wall like stickers
home with cloud as it roof the stars and the moon as the bulb jumping into the waters as the
sipping of the liquid from the
bottle painted green black and
colourful continued sleep comes in and the flowing
water change to bed to lay on.

Morning of a new day
bodies gathered around
“He is not dead, he is
drunk.”they said
looking at himself in fear and
despair as the water from the gutter
flowed on his body
mosquitoes made their loving
painful art work on his body
bottles painted green black and
colourful sat in the water unscratched
he sat in shame.


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