This is where he kept me waiting,
where i sat for two hours
then i sniff a bad odour,
earlier before then not in the
lion’s den, he told me he wanted to go and
Smoke Fish,he left.
but his mother never sold fish
not to say smoking it,but he
should have brought me along to help, then odour increase,it was a powerful smell, like some burning weed or setting a cow dung on fire, it was getting too much,i stood up and did my head
tie proper,i walked out without those noise making slippers as i sneak out on the one the Supreme Being gave me,
Getting outside, yes there was smoke,but this one was
different, it was travelling
around him, he held something like a burning stick in his hand,i have never seen such magic before,he open his mouth and smoke ran out,oh i am dating a god but i am not a goddess,this must be Sango(yoruba god of thunder.)Sango of modern day.
But where is the fish?. I walk my way in
no wonder he didn’t want me to wander with him in the “smoking
fish” journey, it was not easy, he soon came in doing his trouser properly. He sat close to me, smoking fish is really hard ,look at your black lip even charcoal is
not as black as this, your eyes red like palm oil, even your body odour is offensive.
You have to quit this business if it is this hard or it will lead you to the other of the river where i heard Lucifer is,he would be more than willing to let you smoke in his home and i can’t marry a man who would fall for death at his prime. Quit this business now.

Moral: Smokers are liable to die
young, it is detrimental to your
health. Pls quit now when you
can before it lead you to the
grave,think about your family
they love you, your life is precious.


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