Love Is Not For A Day!(Nigeria)

Today is a special day
the sun smiling as it pour down
it warm rays every Romeo and
Juilet roaming down the street
with a torch of red from head to
feet dancing to Cupid’s favourite tune “Love”
ending it with lustful desires in a
love nest. Hatred is in the air, peace had
travelled down the road of
despair, war is fair
did St.Valentine played these
he was held a prisoner who still displayed love not for a
day,a selected day but to the
he hugged death. Love should be allowed to shine
for the love you have is like a
sun that will dry up every leaf
of hatred,
peace shall be our great wall
of China which will reign for thousands of
Olawale,Chinedu ,ibrahim must live in the pool of love and peace
only then can we live together
and plan to move forward.


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