Travails Of A Friend.

Olu why? Oh why will they change
the tune,
why did they stop the race,
why did they Press the Forward
it hurt me, after all my change of plan
thinking i will go back to my
village for some few weeks to
nurture my plant,
After withdrawing my savings for
the fear that banks might not open for days,
After the waste of time i went
through packing my bags as
though i was relocating to mars,
After calling my Girl friend telling
her i wished i could take her out on that day but the situations
on ground has made it impossible,
i was happy within that i had
been able to hide under the
facade. Then a man, i heard his name is
Jega said my thinking were mere
thought, that the appointed day
has be considered null and void
as if it were a Law case,
Tonight she called me with celebration in her heart, it has
been shifted so how are we
celerating VALINETINE? Huh like


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