A man in different clothes.

In the village square
stars and moon combining to
form a corporation,
the silver light shinning on every
living matter,
the air blowing circulating, we stood side by side as John
displayed his oratory talent while
his followers sang his praises,
he that had distant himself from
us like day and night was now
pleading to come closer because of power which we alone can
shower him with,
he raise an umbrella
demostrating with it,
“let me be your cover to hide
you from evil” he said. Evil that had been dancing on our soil to
which he did nothing!
We rolled our eyes to the other
then came Momodu in flowing
Agbada, whose record still sings in our
memory like Chief Obey’s
he stood at the other edge of
the village square, waving a
broom here and there in the air together with his followers
“let me sweep it all away, every
evil in our land.” he sang on. We stared at the duo as a caged
monkey stares at banana for we
do not know who will lead us out
of this Sahara and lead us to a
Mangrove or a Savannah.
Deep down within, we know the drum they play,
all the song they sing,
all the dance was to win us over
for we knew they were the
same man in different clothes
speaking to us, their aim is the same only the style differs.


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