This is where he kept me waiting,
where i sat for two hours
then i sniff a bad odour,
earlier before then not in the
lion’s den, he told me he wanted to go and
Smoke Fish,he left.
but his mother never sold fish
not to say smoking it,but he
should have brought me along to help, then odour increase,it was a powerful smell, like some burning weed or setting a cow dung on fire, it was getting too much,i stood up and did my head
tie proper,i walked out without those noise making slippers as i sneak out on the one the Supreme Being gave me,
Getting outside, yes there was smoke,but this one was
different, it was travelling
around him, he held something like a burning stick in his hand,i have never seen such magic before,he open his mouth and smoke ran out,oh i am dating a god but i am not a goddess,this must be Sango(yoruba god of thunder.)Sango of modern day.
But where is the fish?. I walk my way in
no wonder he didn’t want me to wander with him in the “smoking
fish” journey, it was not easy, he soon came in doing his trouser properly. He sat close to me, smoking fish is really hard ,look at your black lip even charcoal is
not as black as this, your eyes red like palm oil, even your body odour is offensive.
You have to quit this business if it is this hard or it will lead you to the other of the river where i heard Lucifer is,he would be more than willing to let you smoke in his home and i can’t marry a man who would fall for death at his prime. Quit this business now.

Moral: Smokers are liable to die
young, it is detrimental to your
health. Pls quit now when you
can before it lead you to the
grave,think about your family
they love you, your life is precious.


Love Is Not For A Day!(Nigeria)

Today is a special day
the sun smiling as it pour down
it warm rays every Romeo and
Juilet roaming down the street
with a torch of red from head to
feet dancing to Cupid’s favourite tune “Love”
ending it with lustful desires in a
love nest. Hatred is in the air, peace had
travelled down the road of
despair, war is fair
did St.Valentine played these
he was held a prisoner who still displayed love not for a
day,a selected day but to the
he hugged death. Love should be allowed to shine
for the love you have is like a
sun that will dry up every leaf
of hatred,
peace shall be our great wall
of China which will reign for thousands of
Olawale,Chinedu ,ibrahim must live in the pool of love and peace
only then can we live together
and plan to move forward.

Travails Of A Friend.

Olu why? Oh why will they change
the tune,
why did they stop the race,
why did they Press the Forward
it hurt me, after all my change of plan
thinking i will go back to my
village for some few weeks to
nurture my plant,
After withdrawing my savings for
the fear that banks might not open for days,
After the waste of time i went
through packing my bags as
though i was relocating to mars,
After calling my Girl friend telling
her i wished i could take her out on that day but the situations
on ground has made it impossible,
i was happy within that i had
been able to hide under the
facade. Then a man, i heard his name is
Jega said my thinking were mere
thought, that the appointed day
has be considered null and void
as if it were a Law case,
Tonight she called me with celebration in her heart, it has
been shifted so how are we
celerating VALINETINE? Huh like

A man in different clothes.

In the village square
stars and moon combining to
form a corporation,
the silver light shinning on every
living matter,
the air blowing circulating, we stood side by side as John
displayed his oratory talent while
his followers sang his praises,
he that had distant himself from
us like day and night was now
pleading to come closer because of power which we alone can
shower him with,
he raise an umbrella
demostrating with it,
“let me be your cover to hide
you from evil” he said. Evil that had been dancing on our soil to
which he did nothing!
We rolled our eyes to the other
then came Momodu in flowing
Agbada, whose record still sings in our
memory like Chief Obey’s
he stood at the other edge of
the village square, waving a
broom here and there in the air together with his followers
“let me sweep it all away, every
evil in our land.” he sang on. We stared at the duo as a caged
monkey stares at banana for we
do not know who will lead us out
of this Sahara and lead us to a
Mangrove or a Savannah.
Deep down within, we know the drum they play,
all the song they sing,
all the dance was to win us over
for we knew they were the
same man in different clothes
speaking to us, their aim is the same only the style differs.

ND Days at Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.

How time flies, It all looks like
yesterday, every moment just went by so fast, “eh so 2years is
over!” mehn it was not easy God
made it possible,many were
swallowed by the long throat of death, all thanks to God i am still
alive and you are still alive,a last respect to those that are dead. In
respective of your department
we all represent Great Ospolites.
(A summary of my stay at

Enough of the introduction back to my story, I remembered the
night i was notified that i had
been granted admission,you
should have seen
the joy on my face, it was as if i won a 10million jackpot despite
my disgust for Poly product but
as fate would have it i ended
up in the polytechnic, it was not
because i was dull but Nigeria
Economy of “man-know-man” made it impossible for me and i
can say it is so for most poly

Seeing my admission made me so
elated that the song “I believe i
can fly”by R.Kelly was singing in my head.
The next day i packed some bags
and zoom, i was off to Iree in
Osun state, housing and feeding was not a problem(only my pals
would understand jare). So i went
to Iree to pay my Acceptance
fee, the day i entered campus i
almost got lost since i was feeling
Fly, i didn’t ask for direction, after hours of aimless walking i
gave up and asked a lady, who i
later discovered was an HND 2
Computer Science student, she
smiled at me “You are a fresher
right?”she asked. “Yes” i answered nodding my head like an
agama lizard in the process. She
smiled again and said ” no
wonder o,because that is the
bank over there.” my eyes
followed her hands lo and behold i was standing few meters from
the bank without knowing, boldly written was “Ospoly Micro-
finance Bank.” I thanked her and
quickly ran into the bank as if i
was being pursued, i did my transaction and went back home
i had no friends except for an old
friend of mine who was a FT Mechanical
Engineering student, he had no
time,he was always busy.

The day clearance started, i
packed all my document all from
Nursery school to Secondary
school(lolz don’t blame me). I
boarded a bike and the following
conversation ensured between i and the bike man “Bike, Kidvac!.” The man looked at
me from my head to my
toes,then he said “150 naira ni
Kidvac o” he said, thinking he had
said the greatest word in the world. “God purnish you and the
devil in you.” i said within. I
had already been told by a
Stalite at my hall that the
journey to Kidvac was nothing
less than 70naira. I smiled and look at the bike man,then i said
the incredible “lai lai i nor fit pay
150naira na 40naira we dey
board am.” The man shouted to
the next bike man “Kabiru owa
gbami elo lan gbe Kidvac ke ?”(Kabiru come and save me how
much do we take from here to
Kidvac.” Kabiru brought is big
head to our side and said
“50naira lan gbe”(it is 50naira). I
burst into laughter as i boarded another bike which i paid 50naira.
Within i was jubilating i had
formed a stalite in a fresher’s

Getting to Kidvac, i met
something else, the Population
was a wow! People were much,
we were all freshers but some
people were forming Stalites
that was their problem “Don’t form Knowledgeable were you are
ignorant.” I quickly mixed up with
people as we share idea, fun and
the latest news. I met some of
my Course mates, everyone was
looking cleaned up and fresh no wonder we were called
“Freshers.” I ended up meeting
some of the Fresh students i met
on the popular chat network 2go
app and facebook as at then. I
met a friend of the Science Laboratory Technology
department, another of
Computer science department. I
was admitted for the best, the
determiners of any Country’s
Economy, I was admitted into Accountancy Department. We
were soon addressed by those in
charge, we were welcome, told to
go home and come the next day
as only Business Administration
students would begin clearance that day.

The next day i was back at
Kidvac, i did my Clearance, i was
now a bonafide student.
Something happened on sunday, i
was looking for a church to
attend, let me put it to you that during my stay at Iree there was
no church i didn’t attent. Yes you
read it right there was none. I
went to Tacsfon,Redbloc
k,baptist oke obe,baptist oke
esaa, RCCG julicrown,GSF and the likes. Back to the story on that
particular sunday i went to
church,the service was good as
the Lord was amidst us, then it
was time to go back home it was
then one of the brothers in the church came closer and we
had a rapport, that was how i
ended up being a BSFite. The
following week the state tertiary
institutions started their strike,
it was then i got to know it was a yearly ritual which must be
observed at the beginning of
every new session and is still
being practice till now. “huh
strike ke?” i asked one of the
stalites, “see this one o, strike that will take up to four
months.” she answered. I thought
she was speaking french “eh?” i
shouted. The news broke me
down, it was killing my morale, it
was killing my eagerness. How do i go back home and stay for four
months, i couldn’t, i stayed back
for four month hoping the
“strikers” would call of the
strike, the longer i waited the
stronger it became. I left school a week to the end of the strike,
it was when i had spent a week
at home they called off the
strike. Imagine? had they been
waiting for me to leave before
calling off the strike?

The following week i packed my
things and returned back to
school,this time the population
was higher as most stalites had
resumed back too. Kidvac was
now a haven of activities, we were advice by some stalites to
begin tutorial as exam was not
far away.

Then i was a loner not
that i don’t interact but it has
to be something meaningful, to
my critics i am an Introvert, a real one, so am sorry especially
to those in class that wished we
were friends and to those i
wished we were friends, i am
sorry, not that i didn’t wish if i
did that wasn’t the real me. There was this week at kidvac
when Health Registration began,
we were asked to line up, from
within the office we could hear
how people were wailing,I saw
girls even ladies jumping amidst tears as the syringe went
through their body to get their
blood sample, the guys were
forming Jackie Chan, then two
guys went and the next thing
we heard were noise as the guys were crying, “was it that painful?
I asked myself. I was scared and
made one excuse and i ran home.
Getting home, when i told the
stalites about my travails they
couldn’t help laughing , one told me “why run away from
something you would later do.”
The next day i summoned
courage and went back for my
health screening, it got to my turn,
i went in, the lady in charge quickly took a new syringe, i
looked away as the syringe ran
through me, to my surprise i
didn’t feel any pain i only felt
dizzy. Why were people crying,
was it that painful? I guess they wanted to scare people like me

Tutorial started immediately, i
attended for a week before i
decided to quit. Lectures soon
started at Kidvac, later on we
were transferred to a new
campus at Koko, let me put to any Ospolites reading this that
Accountancy students were the
first to occupy Koko, we were
using the lecture room business
administrationare using now
before we were transferred to the present hall. Lectures at
koko was something else, we
received lecture from Monday to
Saturday, as freshers the zeal was
there, we could do anything for
lectures, our lecturers were also up and doing loading us with
loads of lectures. Soon we were
told to start paying our school
fee so as to get our matric
number, it was then i knew
there was nothing in Iree you wouldn’t queue for, to collect file, to
pay your fees, to collect your
money at the bank, to eat self,
one must queue, i did my payment
successfully, i did my online
registration and that was how i got my matric number. Exams
soon started, i sat with a
computer science, that means,
No communication! It was soon
over, i ran home to my family as
Iree had sucked me dry i was as lean as a broom.

I was back to school after two
weeks at home, this time around
i had become used to the
system, nothing was strange.
Lectures went on as normal. Let
me tell you about my hall of residence because that was where i spend most hours in a
day, my routine was from class
to home, i rarely go out to visit
friends except if the visit was
worth it, so most of the time
you will find me at home either disturbing the house or being
sober. I stayed in one of the
least popular places in iree
because it was dominated by
indigenes not that students
were not there but the students were few, i was partly and
indigene and a student, don’t ask
me how. I stayed at Oke-obe,
most students hardly no the
place, when i tell them,their
expression will be “where is that?” My hall is a two storey
and two houses combined
together, the hall is something
else, you will find the trouble
makers,the trouble shooters and
the likes, the hall isĀ  a top notorious hall in that place, they
can cause trouble eh? and funny
enough they are immensely
talented, i will be held for a
ransom when they read this.
Second Semester came and went, i went on Siwes of four
months plus two months strike.

The school resumed back after a
long break, we resumed 2weeks
to the Election in the State Of
Osun. I was in ND2 and i had not
seen any of my ND1 semester
result, it got to a point we refused to pay the school fees if
they didn’t want to release the result,
at last it was released. In Nd2
first semester there was a new
me, i was more open and friendly
with my course mates from there i got to know people i wished i had
known a long time ago.. School
life was fun and stressful, now i
am through with ND2 second
semester exam, as i am about
signing out, i am happy i was a great Ospolite, i had been able to
acquire what is needed. A shout
out to the Joint Minds aka JMs ( i
wished i was a part of you.), to
my course mates,to my hall
mates(Ultimate Hall) and a big thank you to all my lecturers. It
was not easy but it was worth
it, I will miss all of you.

Written by:
Poetic Accountant of set 2012.

I remember the night we
gathered round the fire, dancing,
chatting and passing words that
inspire, we wine and dine round
the fire of knowledge while it
lasted, the joy was written all over us,now we have been
crowned with our desire, time to
retire not because we are tired
but it is time to depart as the
night give way to morning.
Till our path cross again.
Veni Vidi Vici.