An Exclusive Interview.

Good day everyone, today is going to be totally different, we are going to be pasting an exclusive interview with a vangaurd in the Poetry Industry. The name of our guest is Mr Olumide Olulu Holloway, the ceo/owner of Wordup(a poetry site). He is also the organizer of the yearly Word up programme, which would soon be shown on your screen. Here is a little insight about him, Enjoy!

Good day sir, this message is
from an online freelancer
under Divinequote blog, Mr
Olumide Olulu Holloway we would
like to have an e-interview with you.
First,my name is Olumide Amiable
Lekan, i will be your host. Our questions are as follow:

Q1. What is your Name?
R1. Olumide Holloway also known as
Olulu, the King not from Zulu.

Q2. Your educational
R2. I’ve a B.Sc in Accounting and a
Chartered Accountant (ACA i.e.
Associate member of ICAN).

Q3. From your online profile on
facebook we gathered you
Accounting in school but now you
are in the frontline of bringing
about the Poeltry industry, does it correlate with your field of
R3. Well, no correlation per say, but
then my course of study was
not something I chose. My dad
wanted me to be an accountant
and here I am, an Accounting
Poet. Poetry is my passion, it’s what
keeps me late into the night and
up early in the morning.

Q4. Are you still practising
R4. No, I am not. I work in a financial
institution as a Credit Analyst.

Q5. When did you start writing
poems, and what was your first
poem like?
R5. I started writing like some 22 years ago, at age 14, I think. Like most poets, I started with a
love poem, and it was for a girl I never had the courage to approach.

Q6. We learnt you just completed the WordUp volume8 programme, how was it?
R6. Word Up Vol 8 was awesome, my highlights were the duet by 2 poets (Graciano and Aquilla), the
performance of a 7 year old
poet, Lil Vic, from Benin and the threesome by Atilola, Titi and Jemimah.

Q7. What is/was your greatest achievement? Hmm, getting my wife to marry
me. Lol.

Q8. Who is your mentor?
R8. God, people and life.

Q9. What are your words of
advice to upcoming poets?
R9. Be yourself, write right, write tight and do better than you did yesterday.

Q10. What is the next thing you are planning to do now?
R10. A Spoken Word Poetry show that will involve the whole of Africa.

Thanks for reading.


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