The Relics of War. (A fiction)

Boom! Boom!! The explosion
from the various destructive
metals rented the air, the
vibration that followed
showed they were from mass
destruction weapons. I ran blindly into a building on my
left to dodge the rain of
bullets and missiles travelling
in the air,From my hiding
place i peeped to assess what
was going on, as my head came into view a bullet pass
over my head i quickly
duck thanking my star. I sat
on the floor looking miserable
while the explosions went on,
“is this the end?” i asked myself. For years in Sun Bull
republic we have been singing
the war chant without
thinking of the effect it
would bring to our land, here
is the war which has escalated beyond our
control. I remembered the
night when the Swami ethnic
came to our part of the
country lauching an
unwarrant attack on my people, they burnt our
houses to the ground, killing
our finest and strongest men.
That night we couldn’t sleep
as we watch them go. “war,
war is what they want and we shall give them in full
force.” our regional governor
said in anger, everyone
echoed with one voice.
Immediately we all set to
work, opening our arsenal,strategising our
movement. I stood aloof
wondering if this was
necessary, could not there
be another means to solve
this,when i told my people of Toshi descendants my view they
all shut me down and almost
label me a black
leg.There was nothing i could
say they had already made
up their mind. The plan of lauching a counter attack was
being prepared by our
war lords.

I ran home to my
last treasure on earth “my
missus”, after the demise of
my parent, she was the last
treasure i had. I ran home
hoping like a frog along the way. “Lupin, park your loads,
the people have summoned
the god of war and have
refuse to listen to the words
of the god of peace.” i shouted
as i got to the entrance of my house. She
came out with her buldging
tommy in which lives my seed,
her face wore a sad look,
“Lupin i said pack your load i
don’t want to lose you too, go,go far away from here.” i
said facing elsewhere. “Tev—
es, you are coming too, don’t
tell me you aren’t, let us go
together, what will my earth be
without your sun to brighten it?” she asked as
tears flow freely from her
eyes.I could not help it, i face
her not knowing what to do,i
reach for her, “you have to go,
go for me and our baby” i pleaded. “What sort of thing is
i thought, “the war is already
having it effect on me, a divided
family is in the making”,i thought.
“Teves i want to stay with you” she said
laying her head on my
chest. I pleaded with her till
she agreed, i planned to
transport her out of town by
mid night.

I went back to the
town square where the
preparation went on. This
time the town square was full
to the brim and every of our powerful arms and
ammunition had been brought
out. I stood with my back to a
palm tree, this was how i
lost my parent 20years ago,
this senseless war, i remember the day the
attackers came raiding our
house, My Mother Polata was
killed first while My Father
Tchadi son of the greatest
hunter of Toshi descendant fought to the end killing two of
the attackers then he
breathe his last breath and
death wrapped him up. I
remembered the smirk and
happiness on the face of one of the fighters, as he led the
others away.That day was
the most brutal day of my life,
and what did we gain
from the war, it was waste
of lives upon lives. “Teves what are you doing there?” i
was back to reality, i turn to
look a the speaker it was our
General Commander, “Nothing
sir” i said keeping a straight
face. “why are you crying?” he pressed further.”tears,
no sir” i didn’t even know i
was crying, then he came closer
laughing “don’t tell me
you are afraid of the war” he
said. His words hit me and i let it out like water, “Me
afraid? No sir i am not, but
don’t you see this war is
baseless,people are just going to
die.” this time he
wasn’t smiling “baseless on what fact, that they
attacked us first, that we
are fighting to keep our
territorial integrity? Do you call
that baseless, that these
same people killed your parents eh? I heard you had
other ideas but we are
fighting to protect
ourselves.No retreat no
surrender.” he thundered “go
and join the others” he ordered. I saluted and walked
away. The Toshi ethnic group
was a communist state so we
do all things together, thus in
times like this everyman
automatically becomes a
militia. I marched towards the others who were busy
working out plans upon plans,
I sat down, “somewhere in Swami
a plan similar to this is
being carried out.” i thought.
“if this how we are going to save our territory, i better
give a helping hand atleast
for my parent and pray there
are little casualties on
our side.” i said to myself, I
soon join the others in the preparation. By Night fall, Our
Regional governor came to
address us, ” My great people of
Toshi, it is time to fight,
the spies we sent out
gathered that the Swami people are also ready,so at
dawn tommorrow,we lauch
our first land attack.” he said. All
the men hailed in one

After the meeting we all went back home, I got home
lupin was ready with her bag
by her side “lupin stop crying,
do this for us, when you get to
a safe haven do contact
me,” i said as i cuddled her for the last time, kissing the
tears on her cheek away. I
her up and we began the
journey through the night,
atlast we got to the border of our state then i watched her
go in the darkness, it was
truly a painful sight, “silly
war” i screamed. I walked
back home feeling Unclad, a part
of me was gone.The dawn of the day followed
with us launching our first
land attack. The General war
lord dished out strategies
post to everyone as though it were food, i clung to my gun
battle ready and eraze the
thought of my missus off my
mind for the time being. I had
to stay alive for her and my
unborn child,while everyone of us took
strategic positions assigned
to us. We crawled through
the bush path, atlast we got
to “No man’s land” where the
Swamis were waiting battle ready, soon the shooting
began, all sort of bombs were
used, bodies flew about due
to the explosions. The Swamis
were losing ground,we took
advantage of this and we striked even stronger, soon
they retreated but we didn’t
follow as it maybe a trap. We
settle down to declare our
next plan.
The next day, the battle
continued as the Swamis came
back in full force. The shelling
continued, dead bodies on the
ground, blood mixed with the
soil, the sun was hotter than usual, the rain refused to fall,
man killed man,weapon faced
weapon, it was such a waste of
time. War! War! I retreated to
the building in which i sit now
waiting for the bombing to go low.Atlast it all came to an halt
and i sneak out wiping my bloody
face, the air had been polluted
with the smell of blood. I and few
of those who were alive went
back home with sadness all over our faces. Few days ago we were
drumming and dancing to the
tunes of war, it came and left us
with nothing but anguish and
pain, it is an everlasting scar.
In my house i sit on chair, placing my hands on my chin,looking like
a deranged man, hoping and
praying my last treasures are
still alive.

The End.


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