Journey Away From Home.

I don’t want to go,
but i have to,
for there lies my Gold
which cannot be sold,
for there lies my diadem
which cannot be condemned,
for there lies my future
which cannot be punctured,
but where it will be shaped and structured.

Though i do not deny it,
the love and kindness you shower me with,
the batons of encouragement you hit me with, the peace,shelter and security and other goodness which my hand skipped to write due to the joy in my heart.

You know i have to go,
but you smile saying “You have to”,
deep down i know you wished it doesn’t have to be so,
and you wished i could stay a little bit.

Yes we both know i have to go,see and conquer,
as that will be your pride,
which are decorated horses on which you shall ride, kings and not mere men stand side by side making way for you as you take the joyful stride and your face beaming with smiles, for that is what i want for us.
So put me in your daily supplication and they shall fly like doves to my new location to spur me in the direction of great triumph.
I have to go, for that is where it all lies.


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