love is not lost!

come little one,look at me,
i can sing, i mean it,
my songs are like the sting of the bees,
my songs are like the arrows shot by cupid,
for your heart will be attached to it forever,
replaying it to you in sweet and fine sound.

You can hear me play,
but it is not the tune that is meant for food,
but it is the words i want you to chew on,
chew on it continously as agoat chew on it cord even ater eating.
“For i have lived to see many of your generations come and go, thus fading with time. Though you are young to decipher my words, but keep it save like treasures,
for that is what they are…..
treasures no one can rub you off.
love is lost from your fellow beings,
not like the days of your father, fathers before your father, on and on.
fear grips you all times, for the unknown is a thing you are not prepared for.
for you see your brothers and sisters and you are battle ready, because you do not know what they are up to, you laugh but it is genuine.
The love you have is a sun,
which will dry up every
leaves of hatred that falls
from your fellow man.
You can bring love back, it is
not lost, it is you!”
harken to my word,
listen to my song,
do not look at my size,
yes i am just a bird,
but listen.