It will take time to finish it, tommorrow is there to continue it.

You have eaten today,haven’t you?
you have prayed to the god of the throat today and have done so to pacify him.
Your mother brought in the bowl of food,
your legs dragged you to the table where the food sat,
your hands weren’t too slow to pick up the spoon,were they?
your mouth eagerly open to let in the food which you munch on like a goat.
you didn’t remember it will take time to finish it, did you?
Look at that snail,
do you know when it would get to it destination?
yes,it will take time.
Now look up at that corner, the spider spins on,even when it knows it will take time to finish it.

Tommorrow is there to continue, you say! What if you find yourself in the underworld with zeus, is there time to continue it?
What you left undone today when you can do it, would be left undone tommorrow,for there wouldn’t be time.

Now see, the spider has caught it prey,
the snail has disappeared before our eyes. That is the result of doing it at the said time.
Will you rush off to do it,before the time to finish it, is not there to continue it.


Who Will Listen?

He has gone mad again,
it is written all over.
Barking and growling like
a bull dog,
he has promised to allow
no one rest,
his hoarse voice rising to
draw attention towards him,
his eyes burning like fire,
his mouth munching out
words as though it were
but had it being his words
were sweet like honey,
pleasant to the hearing,
people would have listen,but
they were bitter like the

He keeps screaming and
demostrating like a mad man,
the elderly men buried their
ears refusing to listen,the
women looked in despair and
shook their heads in pity at
who had made him so,
the children they danced
around him with laughters
and passing jibes remarks at
him, for indeed to them he
was mad,speaketh,walketh
and thought like one and
they refused to be married
to his wild ideas.

But to him all they said
mattered not,
he increased the pitch of his
voice “I am the New man,and
i will bring about the New
The world where equality
and equity rules,
The world where no one will
be given special immunity,
The world where everyone
will be the same,no
segregation”.he ranted on.

The people shook their
heads in a sorry states,for
he was mad with his ideas,he
was lost pursuing shadows
taking it for dream,for no
one can change the world,
“he who tries to do
so,ends up being changed by
the world.