Lost and Found

The blue moon is up tonight,
sitting by the window,
sleep eluded me,
i remembered the past,
oh, how sweet they were,
the magic of the blue moon
made the past memories
become real,
right where i sat i saw the
crazy things we did
the laughter in our voices,
the smiles on our faces,
playing silly pranks on each

Until that very night,
i never envisioned such thing
could happen,
i never imagine i could live a
day without seeing you.
That very night,
you came swaying here and
there on your high heels,
i crack up a silly joke about
then you spark off, raining
abuses on me,
only if i knew you were in a
bad mood,
i would have tied my tongue,
i wouldn’t have said those
but how was i to know?
The die was cast,the deed
had been done,
you walked away promising
never to return.
Oh,how i cried and wailed like
a toddler,
i sought means to end it,
but your heart was stone
dead against me.

I remembered my childhood
“lost and found,careless owner.”
i knew i was the careless
owner,you were gone

Then we met again, but this
time things were different,
you had moved on,
you were lost, i found you
but it was never going to
be the same. Never again!!


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