Lost and Found

The blue moon is up tonight,
sitting by the window,
sleep eluded me,
i remembered the past,
oh, how sweet they were,
the magic of the blue moon
made the past memories
become real,
right where i sat i saw the
crazy things we did
the laughter in our voices,
the smiles on our faces,
playing silly pranks on each

Until that very night,
i never envisioned such thing
could happen,
i never imagine i could live a
day without seeing you.
That very night,
you came swaying here and
there on your high heels,
i crack up a silly joke about
then you spark off, raining
abuses on me,
only if i knew you were in a
bad mood,
i would have tied my tongue,
i wouldn’t have said those
but how was i to know?
The die was cast,the deed
had been done,
you walked away promising
never to return.
Oh,how i cried and wailed like
a toddler,
i sought means to end it,
but your heart was stone
dead against me.

I remembered my childhood
“lost and found,careless owner.”
i knew i was the careless
owner,you were gone

Then we met again, but this
time things were different,
you had moved on,
you were lost, i found you
but it was never going to
be the same. Never again!!


A Glorious Vanity!!!

” for who knoweth what is good for man in this life,all the days of his vain life which he spendeth as shadow? For who can tell a man what shall be after him under the sun.

Only if you truly understand the above quoted sentence,it is then you will profit from what i am about writing.

Never in Human history as it being heard that a child came into the world with clothes on or with any luxury we can dream of. If you have please notify me,then my question to you would be “wouldn’t those clothes ever tear? Wouldn’t those luxury be subjected to depreciation,wear and tear,obsolete?” well that would be if there truly was any child with such qualities.

We all came into the world in stark “nakedness”, the nakedness can be liken to be that, we didn’t come with anything, we were shedding tears when we came, partly to the fact that we weren’t ready to forgo the merriment we enjoyed during our pregnancy and partly to the fact that we didn’t feel welcome to the strange world before us. But in a twinkle of an eye,we were already adapting.

After adapting to the new world we found ourselves. Do you know some people quickly join the scramble to gather wealth? Although this is a good motive and i pray each and everyone of us make it.
The anomaly is not about gathering wealth but some people holding on to it as if their lives depend on it forgeting that sooner or later all these would be left behind wheather voluntary or not. If you have always been hardworking to make a good name of prosperity,for which everything is vain that we lead to pain if not properly curtailed.

That is why those who understand the principle “you came with nothing,definitely you can’t go with anything” tend to live in comfort and peace because it is all a glorious vanity which you shouldn’t lose your sanity and eternity for.”

War Against Terrorism(W.A.T) poem

Where are my boots?
it is time to root them out,
where is my gun?
no one would be allowed to run..
my brothers,rise,rinse yourselves,
for the time is ripe
Clear your hearts,
time to cleanse our land of the ominous acts.
we must find them that brought sadness to us,
they that caused some of our brothers to a coerced sleep,
and brought sorrows to our souls, those who dampen our hard earn image in the presence of expartriates,our pride we had protected from ages..
We will march on,till we get everyone of them,it would not be easy because they would not be willing to leave our land,but we would not relent either till they are out