As Nigeria National conference begins today 17th of March,2014,we hope the best result comes out.

As each delegate arrives at Abuja to begin the confab, with heavy securities mounted here and there.
The delegates should go there to speak for the people and not for their pocket.
This confab will determine a lot in the continual existence of the entity called NIGERIA..
Things i expect to be discussed
The Security lacking in our Our country especially the north,although i know this is a major world wide problem,but the government should defend our territory and sought adequate aid from external source before it get out of hands.

Employment: at this point, the case of the death of job seekers at IMMIGRATION SERVICE calls for remembrance as i weep for them. Government should know that the unemployment rate is high and should sort means to alleviate this. although job seekers ought to change this trend by becoming job creators, but this can only be possible if adequate facilities are put in place eg Electricity which is vital,if not the most vital.

EDUCATION: To say the education sector is degrading is an understatement, the continous strike action by Educational pressure group like Academic Staff Union Of Universities(ASUU), Academic Staff Union Of Polytechnics(ASUP) is not helping matters..
I hope these and other pressing matters are disscussed. May God see them through..


Enough of all These Killings

Today,i was glaring at the television,watching a popular station where the news of killings by the popular extremist BOKO HARAM in Bornu was being cast to the world. Should i call this a massacre or a progrom of the highest order, pictures were being shown of the people who passed away, I could not help sheding sorrowful tears, why this mass killing? I don’t even fathom what they are fighting for again,at first the group was seen as a religious group,later an ethnic group,later a political group,recently they are fighting against WESTERN EDUCATION. When the pictures of bombed student was shown ,I cried for the would-have-been lucid minds and generations, Never has anything of this Nature occured in this country.

Everyday there is always a tragic news,it is either BOKO HARAM did this or did that, There is no good news to hear again not only in Nigeria but the World at large.

Enough is Enough, Government should declare a total war on this menace since they are not ready to jaw-jaw with the government.
We are not terrorists,

God bless Nigeria

The Month Of March

From the beginning of the year,
finally our goals are here,
all we got to do is to keep moving towards there,
even if it means increasing our speed like that of a fleeing hare,that we will do,because our goals are here.

Right from day one,two,three of january to the end,continuosly to february,
now we know our problems were tempoary.
all we are doing is marching like soldiers with full amouries,
eventually the previous months are now memories because finally our goals are here.

Marching forward not panting for air, lacing Our boots the more because our goals are here.
Marching,marching to the third of the year begins here..

Happy New Month