Thou walk in like an unexpected thief,
thee sneaks in and do thy handiwork in a jiffy,living traces of sorrow and tears,
as a sign that thee had already visited.thou art a spirit, which is unwelcome,because the human body is willing to leave this mundane world.

Thee art cruel,mindless and careless,
making a child parentless,
A man wifeless,
A woman husbandless,
thee add everything “less” as trails of your visits.
your spirit wallows among the old and young casting everyone who you have your spell on to eternal sleep.

But despite all these,
either we like it or not,
we have to crave for you,
because you stand as a gate between this life and the after life, where the human soul leaves it earthly body to join the celestial bodies.
An everlasting sleep and a goodbye to the world


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