Old Age

Today,i and my grandma,
sauntered around, i notice i was moving with agility and she was following behind at the rate her feeble legs could carry her.

We got to a high mountain,which was the only way that leads to where we were going, i ran half way and i was tired already, i cast my glance back to the old woman and saw the way she was moving,in any minute she would fall, since a youth at his prime like me was already getting weary.

I rushed back to support her only to notice she was already panting and grasping for air, i looked at her, wrinkles all over her face,her skin shabby,her hair white like wool,her eyes had gone deeper into their socket.

This woman was hard working and very,very industrious back in her youthful days but now nature was taking it cause, she was no less a child learning to walk,to eat and to talk.

As i helped her up the mountain, within i was thinking “was this how i was going to look when i get old?” i was scared of getting old, and the fear of how old age will look was disturbing.

When we finally got off the mountain to a plain land, i got the answer to my earlier question..
Whether you like it or not, so long as yov keep praying for a long life,then you have to get old, then nature will take it effect on you, your earlier energized body will totally lose it energy, your legs vibrating as you walk about as if dancing to an unheard drum, then you will know you have gone back to being a child, your thinking changes, no more teeth to chew on meat any lönger.all you will pray for, is to die peacefully.

So please always show love to these old men and women wherever and however you can, because one day your path will lead you to a situation similar as theirs.


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