unleashing your potentials

Special potentials are inherent in everyone of us but the problem is most people fail to go through the ultimate search for it.

A lot of people die with this potentials which could have affected the world positively.No wonder a wise man said “The richest place in the world is the grave yard.” why? Because alot of people do not even know the stuff they were made of even till the point of death.
A Nigerian ace singer, king sunny ade said in one of numerous music debut “do not bury your talent,as you will give account of how you used it.” this means though some people could know their potentials but they where unwilling to work on it therefore they bury it to die and follow other people’s talent or dream,they can be liken to a “copy cat.”
fans i besiege you to look into your inner person,know your potentials.knowing it is not enough but working on it to make it shape to reality. Unleash it,you have it inbuilt.


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