Ghetto Life

An environment below the norms, that guides a normal enviroment.
Rules guiding this abode is quite different from a standard society,yet great men and women arise from this place.

Growing up in the slum,where the meal formular was never complete,except you follow the dubious means.
Densely populated area, full of humans and inhumane materials that are against the health.
During the day,waking up to behold sight of chain smokers sitting here and there,the drunks yet to be sober,broken bottles littered everywhere which is an aftermath of persistence fighting.
Here you find the cunny,the bellicose,the trouble makers,the dregs and scums,the criminals,the good,the bad and ugly.
No room for the simpletons,even the dullards that end up living there,becomes a doll to others until they “wise up.”
Smiles do not just beam on the face,as everyone moves about with “a tough guy attitude.” just to prove they have no time for insensible act,even though within,they might not be able to put a bold front when challenged.

The life make individuals aboding there rugged to face life outside their system.
The anthem ” Hustling continue.”


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