short tale “Road to Glory”

once upon a time, two men went for a competition in whch they where to carry a log of wood in form of a cross which was very heavy, i mean very heavy.
During the competition, at first each man carried this cross with all the strenght in him and getting weary but still tried to continue with the aim of winning the competition.
But after a while one of the two men chop off some part of the cross to lessen the weight,therefore he was able to move faster than the other man and was even able to display some acrobatics to the bewildment of the spectators,while the other man struggled on to carry his cross with pains and jeers coming from the spectators while some haul abusive words at him that he was lazy,yet he kept on moving,not minding the people.
Atlast the man who chop off some part of the wood got to a river where he saw the head of the competition,he was asked to wait for the other man as they where to cross the river together,the second man came minutes later panting heavily.
Then the organizer of the competition ask each man to drop the cross on the river as they were going to use it to cross to the other side. The man who chop off his cross drop his and it sank into the river as it was light,the other man drop his and it stayed ön the river and he cross to the other side claiming the glory.
The end…

no matter what you are going through don’t cut corners as you will fail in the end,even when people praise you for doing it.. Bear your cross,fight to gain the prize..


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