*** Hand of fate***(continuation)

**The birth of Babatunde**

ojedeji rushed towards the village feigning tears but within him he was more than glad.but he seems to have forgetten that a man who rejoices in the death of another man who also die sooner or later,it was a matter of time.

Back in the village of tanimola,ajoke was worried about her husband not arriving on time as it was time for nature to take it cause,the baby was coming,she was down with pain but miraculous the mid wife came to pay her visit and quickly set when she saw that ajoke was already in child labour.
Atlast the baby came out,the mid wife beam with smiles written all over her face,it is a baby boy she said,ajoke could only smiled back. One thing was odd about the baby,it didn’t cry as was expected of everychild,the mid wife had to tap the baby to be certain it was not a dead child ,as if that was too much for it to bear,the baby bursted out crying then ojedeji walked in announcing the death of the father to be immediately,ajoke was shocked to the marrow she didn’t want to believe,in the scuffle that ensured she fainted only to be revived by the mid wife.the mid wife cast a wicked look at ojedeji who was putting on a maniac løok, you are no man at all,is that how to break such a news at this moment,she said. She later dragged him out side,how did it happen she asked only for ojedeji to give a cock and bull story,the mid wife wailed leaving ojedeji to cönsole ajoke.

seven days later the child was named Babatunde(father has returned).month after month,year after year,babatunde grew up to begin schøol.. To be contd


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