***The Hand Of Fate***

hunter *This story is the brain child of the above writer with the online name as olu-da-poet therefore no one is given the permission to tamper with this material in any form without due consent from the writer.the story is pure fiction.contact:olu200016@yahoo.com***

The tears of the child came after being tapped by the mid wife when he refuse to cry then ojedeji walked in to announce the death of the father to be…. Fate..

Chapter one- The death of ogunlade..

It was a cold morning in the village of Tanimola(who knows tommorow) partly due to the mountains surrounded by it and the last night rain.
ogundeji lay on a bamboo bed with his wife ajoke,the room containing different skeletons of dead animals on the wall ranging from the tusk of an elephant to the horn of an antelope,and different charms.
The first cock crowed and ogunlade sprang up from the bed waking his pregnant wife ajoke in the proccess, where are you off to olowo ori mi(my crown) she asked in a gently manner,ogunlade smiled tenderly towards her and remembered when he did first married 2years ago she was stil as pretty as ever.i want to go and check my trap if it has caught any prey ogunlade said putting on his cloth.ajoke made some purile face not wanting him to go.he saw this and patted her saying it was going to be ok and left.

ogunlade stampede into the forest with bravery even after losing an eye to a mysterious being in the few months ago,he still went on into the forest fealessly. He was about checking his second trap when gboom! He was shot at,he tried reciting some chant but it was of no use,his powers failed him alas he fell to the ground a dead man.his bravery,powers and might all gone through a single bullet even the forest stood still to pay it last homage to the fallen hero who had hunted in it for years. Ojedeji walked out of his hiding place dancing and singing. stand up come and do as you use to do,i knew you would come and lets see how you will fight over the land bastard he said to relics of ogunlade. Ojedeji had killed a friend over a parcel of land.ojedeji suddenly changed his mood feigning tears rushing towards the village..

( if ogunlade had known it was going to be the last time he would set eyes on his wife and he wouldn’t be able to father his child,he would have stayed behind or would have gone prepared but life doesn’t give a second chance.the die was cast.) to be contd


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