Goodbye To January

The first month of the year,
A new phase of a new year,
I remembered alot of bubbles and celebration renting the air at the start of this
I remembered every living torsoes promising heaven and earth to carry out their new year resolution.
After the jubilations of
seeing a new year,i remembered everyone being garrulous about the austere times in january.
Everyone trying to be as frugal as possible. Being extravangant at that period was seen as a curse, frugality was the order of the day.
Everyone gave a purile cry of the harsh moments.
Finally January is over. But don’t be too fast to bid january farewell, put your yet to attain resolutions into consideration. You can still meet up with everything.
Be thou as it may,as we all join to bid a goodbye to january,may February be more prosperous to everyone…

Goodbye to january====>Welcome to February


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