Nothing But Something…. By Agbaakin jeremiah oluwatoyosi

Have you ever thought about
this world,others,you and your
destiny?The fact is that the
world is far too large,yet too
small to study.The universe was
carved out of nothing,yet it became something.This mystery
defies the scientific law of
matter which states that
matter can never be created
nor destroyed but be changed
from one form’something’to another.The enigmatic nature of
the earth deviates from this
universally-accepted law.It
outwits the human sense of
reasoning.The earth was
created out of nothing by somebody.Now,this is the
irony.God is light,yet in his
fiats,there is recognition and
reckon with the dark.Hence,he
made dark hours and called
them nights. This mystery plays a pivotal role
in the destiny of the human
race.Once a man could take this
world as something but nothing
and as nothing but something,he
could become the world’s greatest conqueror.Something is
the opposite of Nothing,as light
to dark.Then this means that
until man is able treat the day
like the night and vice-versa,he
is not a balanced specimen.God created Eve,the opposite
sex,why?To pronounce
balance.He put the forbidden
fruit which occupies a negative
capacity amidst other good
fruits.Man as a rational being is God’s most favoured sculptor.He
was bequeathed with vast
abilities ranging from mental
reasoning to physical exertions
that make life bearable for his
continual existence. Perhaps,if God had made only
the light,boredom might strangle
man’s sense of appreciation or
in the spiritual realm alter an
unknown process.The best way
to preserve a life is to destroy it.How ironical this sounds,yet it
bears a paradoxical
impression.This is because the
earth was created for the
primary assignment of nuturing
man spiritually for a world to come.Perhas God wanted Adam
and Eve to bring forth
immaculate generations who are
qualified,dignified and bred for
this purpose.Or better still,he
wanted them to oversee a herd of lower creatures.Whatever
way,God knew man’s inhabitation
of the Eden will cease.But he
was scared it could be in a
negative way rather than a
positive one.Unfortunately,it was through a negative medium as
this man’s cessation to Eden’s
occupancy was engineered by
Prince of Dark…Now,the logic is
that God’s mission has been
destabilized,yet fulfilled.God’s spirit in the pre-creation era
sailed over the waters,not just
for that sake but for what
purpose?To purify it.Why did He
need to purify what he
created’that which is clean’.In one extreme,it means God’s
creation was fraught with
ineptitude on his own part or an
external force was undermining!
We only heard that God’s spirit
moved over the waters and not the earth and its content,its
endowment and pride.We must
not forget that man was made
out of the dust’earth’He could
have simply implanted the
breath of life into his man’s ‘lifeless’ model with the words he
used to create life.But,he opted
to do this physically by jetting
the breath’the soul’ into
man.Then we can arrive that
even before God breathed life into man,he had been a living
creature but soiled and defiled
with the earth’s medieval
filthiness.We can then say that
God breathed into man to install
a replica of His spirit…to install the Soul that can be subject to
God’s tutelage since the earth ‘s
and man’s flesh leverage is
susceptible to Satan’s threat!
Now back to my first
There is two opposing forces in
It is quite prophetic that people
say’when i was nothing”thank
God am something’BLA BLA BLA.The philosophy there is that
the man’s body houses two
opposing forces that must be
brought to a mutual
interdependence,yet they must
be divorced.That is the basis of man’s turmoil in this world.Life’s
,death,sickness etc are never
what they seem to be,but are
what they are meant to
be,which is success.Likewise joy,happiness,fecundity,jocundity
and other ‘GOOD’things are
never what they are in the
human’s perspective,they are
meant to be the opposite.There is only one failure in life and
that failure is cessation from
the law of’Survival of the
fittest’Man’s challeging quest
starts from the womb.The man’s
scrotum produces over a million sperm cells during sex. The
spermatozoon struggle to get
fertilized in their great
numbers,yet only the fittest get
fertilized.The human is the most
complex species to study.He has nutritive and spiritual values
and taste that needs a
continual balance.This is
examplified in the biological
activities of his body where
homeostasis,osmoregulation, nervous coordination and others
preserve man.This activity is
more tense in his psycological
You are the best creation made
by God,yet you are the least.This means when man is at
the peak of success in life,he
should consider the fact that
even without success,he’s been
a rational outfit and even when
he’s poor,he will never cease being SOMETHING!!


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