LIFE…. An Inspirational Write Up

It looks like its all going to be over very soon, but when it will, I do not know…….

So many things keep happening, some we do understand but others are beyond our reasoning.
For they are metaphysical and can only be controlled by the SUPREME BEING……..

Life is full of test, where after passing through it and you are victorious over it,
you do not wish for it to stop as soon as it started but this can never, I mean never possible….
But if on the other way round life had a glorious victory over you, here is a down to earth fact, you are going to lavish in suffering and anguish except if God in His infinite mercy looks into your situation…..

Now to the main topic LIFE!!! Before you can know how conquer it, ask yourself these questions:
What is life about?
What is my purpose in it?
What difficulties am I to expect from it?
What are the solutions I can proffer to it?
Now let us take it one after the other…

What is life about: life has diverse meaning to different people, but simply put, Life is an exile to which we humans are sentence to, to face challenges and prove ourselves worthy…. life is about a lot of things. life holds great prospect to whoever can see it and also great sufferings to whoever is blind not with the physical eyes but who is blind in heart. Life holds great challenges for us all, to which we must solve before we can be victorious.

What is my purpose in it: let me make it known to you at this point that there is no one on earth without one purpose or the other to fulfill, it is either evil or good, to know your purpose, you have to use the search light to see within you. what ever you find build on it and you are on your way to stardom, but make sure it is something of immense benefit to the world. you are in this world to make something happen.

What difficulties am I to expect in life: friend life itself is difficulty. did I scare you? didn’t mean to, but if you don’t know what is in stock for you and how to go about it then life is a difficult task, apart from this, life holds all difficulties which stand as barricades on our way, it is Stage-By-Stage process, the higher you go the mightier the task until you get to the pinnacle of glory, which is the final lap.. so when life brings it difficult task kindly embrace it with smiles and face it

What are the solutins I can proffer to it: this is where a lot of things go amiss for some people.

1. Believe in yourself that you are able and ready for the task ahead.
2. Apply Wisdom to what so ever you do.
3. Do not hasten to solve a problem, take it at your stride, and by pace by pace.
4. Know you are not the only one going through such a problem there are others going through colossal ones far
greater than yours, yet they live to find solutions to it.
5. Learn from experience.
6. Seek advice from people…..etc

finally prepare your mind a lot is in stock for you but it is going to be ok… A race to the very end.,


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