The cry of a wounded lion

Crying like a wailing child,
whose mother just spanked,
I fumbled and rumbled at little words spoken to me.

my heart ache at the pain,
I’m being made to go through by my fellow brothers,
they make me look inferior despite all the help I rendered to them in the past years,
when I still held sway in all ramifications,
but now that I have gone infamous due to the reckless act of my offspring,
they seek to pay my good with bad.

They became hostile to my offspring,
who had learned to live with them,
Now all’they do is send my offspring back to me,
after they deprive them of their hard earned property.

I vow to repay them in their coins,
in as much as i want,
my submission to the power that be wouldn’t let me,
I can’t carry it out because my offspring had dried me up,
leaving me to dine and wine with poverty.

I ve gone low than my brothers,
who bow at my feet in the past,
today they lord over me,
This is my cry……….
who will hear my wane to aid me……
my children have gone wild to be of help……
my brothers turn their back at me,
even as I cry till this moment,
seeking the day my flood of tears would be dried before its too late,
till then I will keep on crying and wailing…….

( The End)
by Olumide…

The beast represent Nigeria ,
The brothers represents other African countries,
The offspring are Nigerians,
The power that be are the European countries..

This poem shows the discrimination,
Nigeria is going through even in the hands of her brothers,
even after the help we rendered to them in the past years,
now all they do is treat us as though we are not human.
Even Nigerians fail to make amendment to the problems of Nigeria……

Now is the time to redeem our lost glory..

God bless.


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